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SPS Preparation

Last post 06:10 pm October 17, 2019 by Abdul Majeeth Allautheen
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05:36 pm August 22, 2017

Hi team,

I am PSM 1 certified, and currently preparing for SPS exam. What I have done so far -


1. Read the Nexus guide at least 3 times. I understand the concept pretty well now.

2. Took the open assessment many times until I started scoring above 90%

3. Attempted mock exam at and scored above 90%

However, I don't have any practical experience in scaled scrum, so will this be  hindrance in the exam? Will I be able to clear without any experience?

Please let me know.





02:38 am August 23, 2017

Hi Girish, I haven't taken the SPS exam, but from my experience of PSM/PSPO, I would advise that you should at the very least be regularly scoring 100% on the open assessments before you attempt the exam.

Whenever you get a question wrong on the open assessment, I suggest using it as an opportunity to improve your understanding in that general area, because you are likely to receive questions on similar topics in the exam.

09:05 am August 23, 2017

I agree with Simon on consistently scoring those Open Assessments with 100%. If not, then try to get your understanding improved based on those incorrect answers.

Also if you haven't looked at this another Thread on SPS Assessment, I would recommend to take a look as well. This thread helped me to clear my SPS assessment couple of days back.…

Good luck with your SPS assessment!!


- Ashok

09:00 am September 4, 2017

Thanks Simon and Ashok for your inputs.

I will focus more on the Open Assessments and also go through that link.


06:06 am November 7, 2017

I took the SPS exam and failed. I could manage only 82.5% :(

I guess if I had got one or two more answers correct, I would have passed.

Anyways, back to drawing board :(

I scored miserably in scaling fundamentals, only got 66.7%. In the other 2 sections, I scored over 90%

Any inputs would be very much helpful.


10:56 am November 14, 2017



Any tips?


12:37 pm December 16, 2017

Regret to hear that Girish!! Yes, it was a matter of just about a question or 2 and you would have cleared it.

Like many have mentioned, these couple of resources and's Nexus Open should have been more than enough to clear SPS assessment.

1. Simon Kneafsey's site for his preparation steps, Definitive Guide and Practice Test -…

2. Mikhail Lapshin's Scaled Scrum Quiz -

3.'s Nexus Open -

And to improve your score further on Scaling Fundamentals, would recommend to spend more time reading on Nexus Guide to understand better on its fundamentals. Also scoring consistently a high score on Nexus Open would help as well.

ALL THE VERY BEST for your next assessment try.


Scrum On!!

Best Regards, 


11:24 am April 3, 2018

Thanks Ashok. Sorry, for the late reply.

I am thinking of attending a class room training. I understand that we get one attempt at the exam along with the class room training. Is there any timeframe within which one has to appear for the exam post the class room training?


Best regards


03:01 pm April 3, 2018

hi Girish,

I also used this book: Scrum Insights for Practitioners: The Scrum Guide Companion by Hiren Doshi.

Another one i recommend: The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum: Continuously Delivering an Integrated Product with Multiple Scrum Teams (i did not use it because it appeared after my exam).

About the 100%-rule i kindly don't agree with most comments you read in the forums: after some iteration trough the Open Assessments i don't think there is much added value. You just learn the answers by heart. But hey, that is only my point of view.

about me: i don't practise ScrumMastership and i did not do any training but i have experience with teams.

with regards,


my SPS result

02:46 pm September 20, 2018

Hi Team,

I have read the Nexus guide.

I have read the new book on Nexus about 3 times.

I have attempted the open assessment and Lapshin's assessment and I am doing well.

I have also gone through the various webinars and blogs available.

Any thing else I need to do before I attempt the exam?

Just getting a little nervous

Best regards


08:45 am October 17, 2018

Hi Team,


Happy to share the news, I cleared SPS with 95% on Sunday :)

Next in line is PSM2.



05:52 pm October 17, 2019

Congrats Girish, did you attend any class room training. I plan to take SPS in the next one month time line. Appreciate suggestions. Thanks



Abdul Majeeth

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