Passed my SPS, PSD and PSPO I last two weeks

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by Lars Devocht
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12:17 am September 9, 2017

In the past 2 weeks I scored a 95 on both the SPS and PSD, and a 90 on the PSPO.  Phew, I need a beer!  I really learned a lot and feel like I am a more accomplsihed Scrum praticioner after doing all of the studying.  As someone who grew up a developer with experience with XP, and later became a Scrum Master, and now an Agile coach, I found the SPS to be the more difficult exam, followed closely by the PSD.

Aside from many years of experience with Scrum, XP, and scaling, I found the open assessments to be of great value.  I also picked up a lot of tips from the following folks, and wish to thank:

And I read a lot of the forums and watched the community videos, so thank you all for your contributions.  My next goal is PSM II.  If you have any questions about the four intermediate level exams, let me know if I can help.

All the best, and Scrum On!


05:44 pm September 11, 2017

Congratulations Chris with your achievements on earning all those 4 four intermediate level assessments.

In case you're looking for some guidance on PSM II assessment, then the following thread might help.…

Good luck, and Scrum On!!

- Ashok


10:34 pm September 11, 2017

Hi Ashok - Thank you for sharing that thread, your experience and feedback will surely help.  I am re-reading Lyssa Adkins coaching book now, and when I get done I'll give the PSM II a try.  I am assuming PSM II is going to be much more of a challenge than the SPS, would you agree?

All the best!


08:48 am September 13, 2017

Definitely. PSM II is going to be much more difficult than SPS. 

12:35 pm September 13, 2017

congrats dear ..

04:14 am September 14, 2017

Yes, absolutely! PSM II is much more tougher than SPS and PSM I.

All the best for your PSM II assessment!!

11:39 am September 20, 2017

Hi Chris,

Have you attempted PSM II? If so, how was your experience and result?

10:43 pm September 20, 2017

Hey Siva - I'm going to take the PSM II in a few weeks.  I have a day off coming up where my wife and daughter will be away.  I just need a day with no distractions and peace and calmness around the house to think.

All the best,


02:22 am September 27, 2017

Hi, i passed the PSM I and am planning on taking the PSPO I this weekend. I am also doing self studying. Any advice or materials you found useful (excluding the Scrum Guide, Nexus Guide, EBMgt Guide, etc.)?

11:05 pm September 27, 2017

For PSPO I, other than the guides, I have read in the past few years Lean Startup (Eric Ries) and User Stories Applied (Mike Cohn), but basically went on experience and made sure I could pass the open assessments in 5 minutes or less.

PSPO I was more challenging than PSM I.

All the best on your PSPO!

03:00 pm September 30, 2017

Thank you. I just passed my PSPO I exam.

01:01 am October 3, 2017

Nice congratulations Hendry!

07:45 am October 6, 2017

Hi Chris Belknap,congrats for your achievement.

I got PSM 1 certification last month but unfortunately I am not getting job opportunity as of now.

So I am planning to do SPS certification.Would that be of any help for me to acquire a job as Scrum master.




11:47 am October 6, 2017

Hi Pooja - Having experience helps a lot when trying to get a Scrum Master position, and usually trumps certifications, but everyone is new at one point in time.  Studying for the SPS to pick up additional knowledge around scaling Scrum can only help you in your career, so I would encourage it.  Some future employer may pick up on your enthusiasm and willingness to keep learning and improving.

Scrum on, and all the best!


06:24 pm October 8, 2017

I had some time today to take PSM II, and passed with 33 out of 34 correct answers.  It was certainly a challenge compared the the four level I exams.  I book marked a handful of questions, and had plenty of time to go back and think through the answers.  

Everyone has said that it is helpful and requires experience, and I would agree.  You can't really find these answers in text books or online simulation exams.  Don't bother trying to google the answers, I don't see how it could benefit anyone.

Overall it was a great learning experience - I am happy that my years of Scrum Master experience as well as failures and lessons learned were validated today.

All the best with the PSM II if you decide to try it.

11:29 am October 9, 2017

WoW!! Great and Congratulations Chris on earning PSM II.

So what's next on your radar now ?


Scrum On!

Best Regards, 


11:48 am October 9, 2017

Thanks Ashok - Next up is an ICAgile Coaching course which I am taking in November.  I'm looking forward to that.  I'm going to attempt PSM III after that, as it will be a great learning experience.

Scrum On!


06:00 pm October 9, 2017

Sounds like a plan Chris!!

All the very best for your ICAgile Coaching course and PSM III assessment.


Scrum On!

- Ashok

10:30 am October 20, 2017

dear Chris,

may i ask you what, how, ... you prepared the PSM2 compared with how you prepared for the SPS & PSM1 ?  Did you do something extra or special for the PSM2 ?

I just finished today the SPS and i have the feeling that maybe the momentum is there to do the PSM2 asap as possible.

with kind regards from Belgium,


06:54 pm October 20, 2017

Hi Lars - I re-read Gunther's Scrum Pocket Guide, and also read Scrum Mastery: From Good to Great Servant Leadership.  Gunther's book may be helpful to you.  I highly recommend the Scrum Mastery book, but that didn't help me pass.

If you have some solid experience as a Scrum Master, most likely a year or more, that is worth more than the books and the practice exams.  I would agree with you, you need to know some Scrum scaling concepts, so if you have just cleared the SPS then then the momentum should benefit you.  Also take the PSD and PSPO assessments, as there will be some concepts there that should help you.

I also recommend having a place of solitude to take the exam, with no distractions, and think through each question and how you would apply the Scrum Guide.

All the best, let me know how you do!


10:33 pm October 20, 2017

Hi Chris,

I did not pass. I will have to work on self-organising & scrum theory. All hints are welcome.

tx, Lars.

PSM2 result