I just passed the PSM1 for my selft... How to prepare

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by Breno Pinho Menezes
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08:35 pm December 12, 2017

I am glad that I have just passed PSM1 with one score of 97.5% on the first try, studyng for my self.

I have dedicated one week to prepare me to PSM1, and I would like to share what was the material that I have used:

- The Scrum Guide, only 17 pages, and I have read it many times. First, I have read it in spanish version because it is my native language (only one time in Spanish). But the exam is in English, so, after that, I was reading the English version again and again.  

- It is very important to understand scrum from the guide, no from any other different version or implementations...

- Simulators Official: I was doing the open simulator form scrum page (https://www.scrum.org/open-assessments), all of them! (PSM, PSP Product Owner and PSD Developer) and many times... until I have the score of 100% in less tan five minutes.... It is important understand the questions, and why the options are valids. It´s not make sense to memorize anithing and It is not a help for you. 

- Simulators UnOfficial: Do the Mikhail Lapshin simulator is a must: you should undestand every question. I have repeated this free test until I have passed it with almost 100% in 40 minutes.

- Adittional material:

- And last, but not least:

  • Don try to search answers in Internet while you are doing the exam: You will not have enough time to do it. It is better to be very good prepared before the exam.
  • tips from scrum crazy page where very accurate! thanks!

I hope It help you! 

It is not a difficult certification exam, and you can prepare it for yoursef. But, make sure that you are ready!

Don't be confident with yourself... and read the scrum guide.... again :)!








11:30 am December 19, 2017

Hi Pablo!

I followed your notes and I passed certification on the first try!

Thanks a lot for this information


07:36 pm December 23, 2017

Pretty much what I did as well and passed PSM1, PSPO1, and PSD1. Any thoughts on how to prepare for the level 2 assessments?

I would definitely suggest going for the PSD1, many of the questions are similar to the scrum master certification.


11:09 pm January 29, 2020

Thanks Pablo Inchausti I passed  passed PSM1 with one score of 91.3% on the first try, studying for my self with your recommandations.

02:59 pm March 31, 2020

Where's the The Scrum Master Training Manual? It links to an Exam simulator that cost 27$ and no manual available. It's against the recomendation of scrumcrazy number 7 (third party companies). Do you think it's worth the price? Thanks.

09:24 pm April 1, 2020


first of all congratulations with your achievement. I would like to ask a question. I have studied Scrum Guide several times and I made my own notes from it. I watched several videos and making tests my results are really good like %93-%95 but I am so scared to take exam. Many people made me scared that real exam questions are not even similar to those practice tests and they are much harder. Do you think so or they are almost in the same level?


thank you.

06:57 am April 24, 2020

Hi Beyza, 

I was in the same boat till yesterday and then finally i decided to take the exam. I was able to pass the PSM1 exam with 100% marks. Few of the things i did to prepare,

  1.  Read the Scrum Guide whenever you get time. Its very easy and you can read the entire guide in 30 min, once you know what they are talking about. I read it like 4-5 times. Try to write key points in a notepad and then you can just go through it in like 5-10 min. 
  2.  Did all the available mock exams both free and paid. One thing, you need to make sure, dont focus on score 100% instead focus on what you did wrong and why. Add those to you notes which you can refer later when you do your 5-10 min read.
  3. Some mock exams i took, 

Before the exam, i just took 2 full mock test to see if i remember the concepts and then i went for it and i scored 100%. 

Hope this helps.




04:25 am May 4, 2020

Hi All,

I hope everyone is "Healthy & Safe" at your places. I also have fear of going to the exam like bayeza. Let me explain.

My Name is Siva Ram, i am preparing for my PSM1 Certification from past 2 weeks and i am consistently able to get 98 to 100% in Opem Scrum Assessments in 15 to 20 times when i attempted. Also, I am able to get the same percentage in "Mikhail Lapsin" sample test in 10 to 15 times i attempted them in Real time mode. Also, i spent some money to buy 6 practice tests (80 Questions each) in which 2 practice tests blowed away all my confidence ( Ended up with 72% & 78% respectively) , so ultimately i need to hold the actual test which i planned take on this Sunday. 

So, based on that Note, let ask you all some queries based on my experience from the Practice tests.

   1. The practice test have some questions, so long which took around a minute and half to read and all the four options are also so long to read and understand. Is this the same case with the real time exam also ? Please provide me some inputs who already attempted and passed as well ?

   2. How many questions can we expect on scenario based kind and is it coming from Agile and Nexus Scrum Frame work ?

   3. Most of the big questions in Practice tests are based on Scrum Transperancy, Scrum Integration, these are scenario based, these are big questions and big answers, my %'s on these topics are 70% and 68% and varied in the 2 practice tests which i have taken. But, i had read the scrum guide 5 to 6 times till date and understood it and its implementations in different scenarios. Basically my point is to know how big is the questions and answers in actual exam ?

   4. I am actually dedicated myself to pass in first attempt. I read nexus scrum guide, Agile Manifesto, Agile Iterative approaches and Scrum Guide mainly.


Can Someone provide your insights on my queries, meanwhile i will continue to prepare for the certification by the time u all give me your advises as many as possible which can help me finding way to pass.

Thanks to one all and eagerly waiting for all your responses...


Siva Ram.


08:45 pm May 7, 2020

Hi All,

FI just passed my PSM I exam yesterday. I scored 98.8%. It was complete self study.

Here is how I prepared:

1. Attempted the PSM Open Assessments and scored around 75% the first time.Following that I read the Scrum Guide atleast 4 to 5 times(including noting down important points for later revision).

2. Having read the Scrum Guide multiple times, I started attempting the PSM Open Assessments as well as the PO Open Assessments and consistently scored 100%.

3. Also attempted https://mlapshin.com/index.php/scrum-quizzes/ LM and RM quizzes for Scrum Master and PO and consistently scored between 95 to 100%.

4. For topics like Burn-Down and Burn-Up charts and Cone of Uncertainty, I googled them and made quick notes for myself.

5. For relationship between scrum teams I read the Nexus Guide which really helped understand how multiple scrum teams work on a single product.

6. Last but not the least I attempted the free questions on https://www.volkerdon.com/ which helped me understand how to answer certain questions that were not really direct from the Scrum guide.

I had in total put around 2 weeks of study (2 full days of attempting questions and going through the scrum guide etc.) before giving the exam.

Last but not the least a big thank you to this awesome forum for sharing their experiences and tips for self-study.

Hope this helps!




03:28 pm May 8, 2020

I’m happy to have passed the PSM I with only two wrong questions on April 17, 2020.

How I got this high mark with only 3 weeks preparations, without prior experience with scrum and without attending a class:

  1. Using digital flashcards to learn the Scrum and Nexus Guide by heart, https://apps.ankiweb.net/
  2. Taking Mikhail Lapshin’s quiz and VolkerDon’s exam simulator; https://mlapshin.com/index.php/scrum-quizzes/ and https://www.volkerdon.com/bundles/scrum-certifications
  3. Participating on meetup.com with Agile Co:Learning MeetUp, Agile Support Circle, Liberating Structures Lab Berlin and Mayflower Meetup Berlin

Specific practical tools and expressions, like burn-up and burn-down charts as well as the cone of uncertainty, I also learned by looking up their meaning on scrum sites and then turning them into digital flashcards.


Wishing you all well on your scrum and further agile journey!





07:52 pm May 15, 2020

Hello Everyone,

I passed my PSM1 in my first try with 91.3% with my self study and as mentioned above , mainly reading the scrum guide multiple times like reading a book that you love and taking the open assessments on PSM,PSPO and PSD. Also invested some money to buy some practices tests from udemy which helped me a lot as well. Thanks a lot to all those helped providing your inputs and sharing your experiences. ALL THE BEST , who are going take the certification. I wish all to be healthy,Safe and Successful.

05:49 pm August 2, 2020

I passed the exam today with 96.3% score in first attempt.

02:44 pm August 10, 2020

I am not sure it is the best idea to recommend here the site of scrum alliance, but they have a relatively good free online scrum training (based on the Scrum Guide) which includes lots of test questions. Some of them are relatively advanced. So, the point is not the training (anyone who can read should prefer doing so) but the tests included.


09:14 pm September 11, 2020

Hola Pablo, felicidades, es bueno saber que el auto aprendizaje es la clave, esa semana que dedicaste a estudiar cuántas horas de estudio implicó que le dediques diariamente?

Quiero empezar desde hoy y me estoy organizando


07:00 am September 28, 2020

Hi, I am preparing for taking the PSMI exam soon but i am a bit afraid that i didn't do all the study i should do. I am doing a self-study. So far:

1) I take open assessments for (Scrum Open) and scoring 90-100% 

2) Read Scrum.org guide several times and took my own notes

3) Read Mikhail Lapshin’s quizguide and took his free assessment online as well


Shall i be confident enough to take the exam now?

Also, do i need to take all the open assessments (Like developer, Agile, Nexus) before entering PSMI or the (Scrum Open) is enough?

Thank you

03:20 pm September 29, 2020

Hello, I am preparing for the PSM1 exam does anyone know where to find free tests online apart from these I found online.

1) https://www.thescrumexperts.com/

2) Free assessment test by Scrum

Thank You.


03:01 am October 22, 2020

Hello, I passed the PSM 1 assessment with a 96.3% score on the first try a few days back and I can confirm that it really demands a thorough understanding of the Scrum framework.

What I did was:

  1. Read the Scrum Guide
  2. Listened to the Scrum Guide Audio
  3. Made notes on the key parts of the Scrum Guide for review
  4. Tested my knowledge using Scrum.org's Scrum Open Assessment
  5. Tested my knowledge using my own PSM I Review Test

You may want to read my blog to understand my methods in complete detail.

Thank you and I sincerely hope it can help those who are planning to take the assessment!


04:09 pm November 10, 2020

Hello All, 

I finally cleared the PSM1 Certification Exam yesterday with 95% (It was my 2nd attempt )

First of All , it is not only the free assessments that you do to pass this exam. The assessments listed on scrum.org is just 10-15% what is on the real Exam . I did only that and I failed the exam. 


Tips on how to pass the Exam:

- I read the scrum guide as many times as possible and read each and every word clearly because each and every word in this book is so much important and it's only 19 pages and I listed out all the important things. 

- I did all the assessments many times it was possible including PSM1 , PSPO. Try to do it quicker before the time expires. Try to get 100% in both of the assessments. 

- I also did Mikhail Lapshin quizzes for both Scrum master and product owner many times possible until i did it in 20 mins because the exam is 1 hour long and it has 80 questions. Try to get 95- 100 % on both of the quizzes. They are very helpful. 

-  I also did  free mock tests on https://www.volkerdon.com/ and it's very helpful to get some ideas on how tricky the questions can get and it's also gives you explanations on how this answer makes sense. 

Most important, in the practice exams try to look at which answers are not making sense to the particular question , that is the only way to figure out which are the correct answers. 


Please don't be too confident with yourself, the real exam is much trickier and you need to have enough focus because there are 80 questions and you get only an hour. If possible try to sit with someone , who can help you to find the answers because you won't be able to search because it needs more time. 


Good Luck!!!!

06:59 pm March 18, 2021

Your post and responses were very helpful !!

I religiously followed your experience and successfully completed PSM1 yesterday, that is 03/17/2021.


Thank you so much for sharing Pablo Inchausti Theresa Lankes Francis Job Barcelo , Sutapa Sarkar , Prankul Agarwal .

08:26 pm April 2, 2021

Hello everybody.

I managed to pass the PSM-I certification exam this week! It was my first attempt and I achieved a score of 96.3%.


My strategy:

1. I read the "Scrum Guide (2020)" 3 times.
    - Just reading, then making appointments and finally revising.
2. I read the "Agile Manifesto" and "Scrum Glossary".
3. I read the text "Professional Scrum Competences".
4. I did the open assessments until I got between 100% in each one repeatedly.
    - Scrum Open, Producto Owner Open and Nexus Open.
    - It helped a lot to get used to the layout of the race (yes, it helps).
5. I bought the Volkerdon simulations.
    - Helped to reflect on the knowledge of Scrum.
    - Mock tests have questions that require a level of interpretation (no big deal, but different).
6. I looked for preparation tips and guidance on this forum and on YouTube channels.


I studied in a 40-minute time-box (2 time-boxes on weekends) for 4 weeks. 

The test is not simple, but it is not difficult. Some questions from open assessments may be present.

I hope this post helps those who are preparing, in the same way that other posts in this community helped me.

Thank you and good performance to all!