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Feature teams / Component teams and co-location

Last post 09:04 am January 28, 2019 by Sander Dur
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03:52 pm January 26, 2019

Hello everyone

I am trying to get my head around feature teams vs component teams and thought this would be the best place to check my knowledge.

Component team - a group of people whose core competency is the same (e.g. QA, UI development, SysAdmin, Architects). Although their competencies are the same, they still rely other Component teams to create a workable product.

Feature team - a group of people with different competency but whom, together, can create a workable product without the aid of other teams. So, a feature team could be composed of 1 x UI Developer, 1 x backend developer, 1 x SysAdmin, 1 x Architect, 1 x QA tester.

Is that correct?

And how does this fit in with colocation. Should both be colocated? That is, should a feature team be co-located in one building, and if we wanted a component team, they should be co-located in one building too?

07:05 pm January 26, 2019

You could think of a feature team as one in which any integration dependencies for releasing useful work every Sprint lie under the control of the team. A component team can mean many things, but that principle will in some way be compromised.

If co-location would improve the collaborative potential of any team, then a case can be made for it. Dislocating a team is generally not without consequences.

09:04 am January 28, 2019

I usually use a hamburger as an example to illustratie feature vs component.

Components of a hamburger are (but not limited to): 

- Top bun

- Sauce

- Tomato

- Patty

- Lettuce

- Sauce

- Bottom bun

But when I go into the MacDonalds, and order my burger, I don't want each of those delivered seperatly.

I want a complete feature, a bite of the complete burger every time I put my teeth down.

Co- or dislocation depends on the team and the situation, I guess. Communication wise etc. it's usually more efficient to be colocated.

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