Who has the final say on the acceptance criteria. Who writes them?

Last post 06:30 pm June 15, 2019
by Sander Dur
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06:42 am June 15, 2019

Dear all,

I just got along the acceptance criteria in the PSPO test...

Never heard about it. Nothing in the Scrum Guide.

Can somebody please einlight me who writes them and who has the final say on them?

Never ever heard about them before.


KR Jan


07:02 am June 15, 2019

In addition: Who is accountable for the acceptance criteria? 

Do they need to be in place before an item from the product backlog can be selected for the sprint backlog?

08:45 am June 15, 2019


Acceptance criteria aren't mandatory in scrum. The guide mentions that test descriptions are often included to prove the completeness of an item when done. Those desciptions can be interpreted as acceptance criteria.

Sinds the product owner is responsible for ensuring the Development Team understands items in the Product Backlog to the level needed, in my opinion it's the product owner that defines the acceptance criteria. 

When I look at my own projects, we write acceptance criteria for every item as part of the refinement. An item is "sprint ready" when it has acceptance criteria. We write them in a Given, When, Then form, so we can include them in our automated test scenario's. 

The benefit of writing these scenario's during refinement is that the team and the PO are forced to realy think about what the done item should do.


06:30 pm June 15, 2019

As they are acceptence criteria, why not ask  the accepting party?