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by Nitin Khanna
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05:07 am July 7, 2019


Does anyone know whether PSU certification exam is going to be available without requiring a course (similar to PSM, PSK, etc)? Currently it is offered only as a course. 


01:46 pm July 8, 2019

The PSU I assessment is currently only available to students of the PSU class. We are limiting access initially so that we can inspect and adapt, ensure that PSU I is high-quality, and provide adequate learning resources for those who do not take a training course from  The certification assessment will be made publicly available at a future date. 

08:02 pm July 8, 2019

Thank you Eric, will be looking forward for this non-course certification. If you need beta testers, I'm willing to participate. 

04:49 am July 12, 2019

Having attended one of the early PSU courses, I would recommend anyone interested in the subject considers doing the same.

When you have the Scrum Team addressing UX concerns, it feels like it's almost stress-testing Scrum. It starts to challenge whether previously held assumptions and best-practices are really valid any more:

For instance, what is "Done" when the team are running UX experiments, and can a "releasable Increment" be released before we are "Done"?
What happens to UX work that is expected to take longer than a sprint, such as experiments that have an inherent lead time to gather enough data?
How do Sprint Goals change when the team is responsible for UX? How might a Daily Scrum and Sprint Backlog change as a result?

The answers to these questions can be quite nuanced, and I benefited from exploring them in a group of UX and Scrum experts, facilitated by PSU trainers.

11:29 am August 26, 2019

Unfortunately there are no PSU trainers in my country

01:04 pm August 26, 2019

Hi Erez, we are still traveling the world training our trainers and getting classes scheduled.  Please keep checking as I expect them to start showing in other countries soon.  Do you have others interested in joining with you?  That could help us get something scheduled more quickly.

09:30 am October 29, 2019

It is only me at this point. I heard there are plans to make PSU available without a course. Any forecast for that?

I'm willing to be a beta tester :)

03:53 am March 24, 2020


In case this was missed, the assessment is now available online. Eric Naiburg also posted this in a more recent thread --…


Good luck!