PI Planning Scrum of Scrums

Last post 02:24 pm December 18, 2019
by Sander Dur
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11:57 am July 26, 2019

Where can I find the list of questions for Scrum of Scrums during PI Planning. Someone told me it is on the SAFe website, but I can not find them. 

01:10 pm July 26, 2019

Well, of course, this is not the SAFe website, but I think you are looking for: https://www.scaledagileframework.com/program-increment/ where there is a separate Scrum of Scrum section you can read. This is the result of one quick google search query btw, so should not have been that hard ;)

02:28 pm December 17, 2019

Except the link provided above is about the SoS during the PI and not the one asked for which is the SoS in the actual PI Planning event.

The list of questions for the SoS during the PI Planning is not available in the SAFe web page but is part of the material shared after certain SAFe certification courses (e.g. RTE).

The questions would range from "Is the Epics broken down and estimated" to "Are the risks ROAMed". Basically all the specific things the teams needs to work on towards a plan.

I hope this helps.

07:45 am December 18, 2019

This is something that I'd like to address outside of this forum, but you can contact me through LinkedIn. I can give you an adapted version we used list time.