My PSK I Experience

Last post 05:38 pm August 13, 2019
by Sunil Gulia
05:38 pm August 13, 2019

Hello All,

I shared these tips in one of the PSK I forum post comments earlier but sharing again, these might help the PSK I aspirants 

I passed PSK in my first attempt. I didn’t take any course or read any specific book mentioned in reading section. I believe my experience and in-depth understanding of scrum was my main strength in exam. I really admire exam quality due to tough sense.

 To share my experience, exam is based on practical/ real-life scenarios. Maximum questions are based on day to day practice scenarios for Scrum and Kanban practices. So most comprehensive tool to pass exam is your experience and how well you understand Scrum 😊

In my view this exam is real test for your practical knowledge of Scrum and how good understanding and practical knowledge you have about below area:

  1. Scrum Theory of empiricism.
  2. How you understand and apply scrum values 
  3. How clear on the fact Kanban is to complement the Scrum and doesn’t change Scrum 
  4. How well you understand workflow in Scrum context
  5. How well you can apply Kanban practice, Flow Matrices and Flow based event
  6. Understanding below matrices and elements will help in exam:
    • Cycle time
    • WIP
    • Throughput
    • WIP limit
    • Work Item Age
    • Little’s Law
    • Objective of Service level Expectation (SLE) and how to apply SLE
    • CFDs and Cycle Time Scatterplots  
  7. Below resources are good help to prepare for exam
    • The Scrum Guide and the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams
    • BLOGS written by Daniel S. Vacanti and Yuval Yeret
    • Actionable Agile-Metrics-for-Predictability by Daniel S. Vacanti
    • Little's law and predictability - Daniel Vacanti
  • Note: Keep track of time during exam, as you may run out of time, options mentioned for questions are close and you need to go with the best option selection 😊

Remember, Exam is tough but is passable if you have PSK experience or gone through the mentioned PSK subject area topics and Blogs at site , I hope these tips may help for PSK aspirants.

Best of Luck

Sunil Gulia