PSPO 1 Business Strategy

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by Chiedu Oranye
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07:45 pm August 18, 2019

I've failed the PSPO 1 assessment with a score of 83.8%! Very frustrating! I scored 0% on Business Strategy so need to focus hard on this but am struggling to identify questions specific to this in practice activities. Can anyone help?

06:35 am August 19, 2019

Important things to consider for Business Strategy include understanding how people might benefit from a value proposition, customer needs and market segmentation, crafting a product vision, product planning, and revenue.

The following questions from the PSPO Open Assessment seem to align to this topic:


True or False: A Product Owner is essentially the same thing as a traditional Project Manager?




Which description best fits the role of the Product Owner?

(choose the best answer)

Requirements Collector

Scope Protector

Chief Analyst

Project Manager 2.0

Value Maximizer


What variables should a Product Owner consider when ordering the Product Backlog?

(choose the best answer)

Development cohesion as indicated by the Development Team

The availability of resources and skills for implementation

Lowest development cost in order to maximize ROI

Effort first, then value

Whatever is most appropriate for the Product Owner to achieve the product's goals and to optimize the value received


True or False: A first Sprint can start before the Product Owner has a complete and exhaustive Product Backlog in place.




In order to make investment decisions, the Product Owner is likely to look at the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the product being built.  What costs will a Product Owner take into account?

(choose the best answer)

The money spent on development of the product, often a fixed cost per Sprint multiplied by the Sprints required

The accumulated cost over the earned value of the product

All investments required to conceive, develop, operate and maintain the product


True or False: The value delivered by a product can only be determined by revenue.




What two things best help the Product Owner manage the value of a product?

(choose the best two answers)

Validating assumptions of value through frequent releases

Setting value on individual Product Backlog items using Value Poker

Devising a formula for a neutral calculation of value

The order of the Product Backlog

07:50 am September 13, 2019

Amy Johnson I have the same problem. Any news?



02:03 pm September 13, 2019

Some categories may have less questions in them than others including only 2 or 3 questions as the test is pulled from a much larger pool of questions.  

05:45 pm October 15, 2019

do you have the answer to questions of Ian hereabove ? i am a bit confused !

10:48 am October 22, 2019

If you were to get the answers to the open assessment questions posted by Ian, do you think you'd be in a better position? I wouldn't be too sure.

The goal would be to understand. What would you do then, considering you are confused?

FWIW, the Scrum Guide hints to or expressly mentions the answers to the said questions

03:39 pm October 22, 2019

Here is some great content that you should look into...

12:44 pm December 8, 2019

Dear Ian, dear Curtis, I had the same problem (0% Business Strategy). The questions from the Open Assessment do not get me any further because I know them by heart. And offering all the suggested reading material is too general and not helpful either. Do you have any helpful hints?

02:15 am December 11, 2019

There are a lot of helpful tips provided by folks who have passed the PSPO I assessment. If you are searching the forums and not finding them, it's likely because you are searching for PSPO 1 instead of PSPO I. 

There is a whole section on Business Strategy under the Product Owner Learning Path (Managing Products with Agility / Business Strategy).

I highly advise folks to complement their Learning Path knowledge with an in-person PSPO class with a PST.

11:48 am December 13, 2019

Dear Mark, Thank you very much for your feedback. Finally, I passed PSPO I today (87.5%) without having noticed your comments before. Again Business Strategy 0.0%. Anyway, it was sufficient and I feel well prepared for being a Product Owner. Best regards, Birgit

03:40 pm December 6, 2021

I have the same problem (0% in Business Strategy). Very very frustrating because I cannot find anything helpfull without knowing what to search for...

04:14 pm December 6, 2021

@herman we point you to many resources in that category here:  this is linked in the prep email and in your results.

09:50 am January 7, 2022

I think missing the Business Strategy part in PSPO assessment can happen when you focus too much on a pure Scrum Master perspective.

I liked the book "The Professional Product Owner" from Don McGreal and Ralph Jocham which provides a good overview about Scrum Product Owner specific topics.

07:47 pm April 21, 2022

I've failed the PSPO 1 assessment with a score of 83.8%! Very frustrating! I scored 0% on Business Strategy so need to focus hard on this but am struggling to identify questions specific to this in practice activities. Can anyone help?

I clearly understand how you felt.

When I did the PSPO 1 exam I too to my shock scored 0% in business strategy, but thank God due to my good scores in other areas I was still able to pass with 91.5%