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Not SM certified, but acting SM for my team - how do I list this on CV/LinkedIn?

Last post 04:48 pm October 3, 2019 by John Varela II
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11:09 pm October 1, 2019

Hi all,

My team recently lost our Scrum Master to a move outside the company, and I have taken over the acting role. I am a QA/Automation Engineer on the team already, so I am now wearing two hats. I understand this is not the ideal setup, but it's what we are working with. The intention is for me to have official Scrum Master certification in the near future. Until that time, how can I update my CV/LinkedIn with this information, or is it not advised to put until I have been certified?

Kind regards,


02:12 am October 2, 2019

The intention is for me to have official Scrum Master certification in the near future. Until that time, how can I update my CV/LinkedIn with this information, or is it not advised to put until I have been certified?

@Megan E, What's holding you back, it's after all your LinkedIn/CV? What value do you foresee in updating your profile prior to, or after certification?

03:08 am October 2, 2019

Performing Scrum Master duties is separate, in both real life and on your resume/LinkedIn, to being certified.

Could you add a sentence or a bullet point to both, mentioning your Scrum Master duties?

09:13 am October 2, 2019

If you are working as a Scrum Master, you should definitely add that to however you present your responsibilities and accomplishments. It may not affect your job title, but identifying that you were a Scrum Master for a software development team of N people for so many months is relevant, whether or not you get a certification or pursue full-time positions as a Scrum Master or related coaching roles. If and when you get your certification, you should highlight this as well.

Without seeing the current format or structure of your LinkedIn profile or CV, I don't think anyone can offer more suggestions other than this information should be somehow included.

09:18 am October 2, 2019

I agree with Thomas. The experience you have is good to mention. And maybe you have read aaaaalll the books you could muster, ment through extensive training and worked on feedback, but just never did the exam. The certification is not all-encompassing.

01:55 pm October 2, 2019

Certification does not make you a Scrum Master. I know many people that hold a certificate but do not work as a Scrum Master. I know many others that are working Scrum Masters but are not certified. You go by what you DO, not by the initials you can add to your name.

11:46 pm October 2, 2019

@SteveVb, thanks for your response. My company is holding training and paying for the certification in the near future, otherwise, I may look into getting it done on my own.

Thank you for all the responses! I will add a line in my LinkedIn and on my CV stating that the SM duties I'm performing, and will add the certification if and when that happens.

I agree that having the certification means little in the way of putting it to practice. Many companies will look only at the certification (not sure I would want to work there!), and others care more about the actual experience gained - certified or not. Again, I appreciate you all taking the time to respond.


04:48 pm October 3, 2019

I've always gone with strategy that people want to know what role's you have experience with and care less about the companies official title for you. List it all out!

Maybe have one entry for your current job with your official title and then create additional ones that capture the role and how long you've been performing the duties. When someone views your profile, they want to know context at a high level and the additional lines sure does translate that for you.

For one of my last jobs, I had one title but wore many hats so I darn well listed every hat I wore and for how long. haha

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