Another question regarding PAL I certification

Last post 06:39 pm February 12, 2020
by ezgi kakaliçoğlu cihan
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02:31 pm November 6, 2019

Im sure this has been asked a couple of times, but theres so much information that i would like to get recent feedback on how should i proceed to study for the PAL I.

Last year i passed the PSM I and the PSPO I, and this year i decided to pursue the PSM II but my organization is going tru changes where my current role of scrum master (for the past 2 years) will change a bit more to of an agile coach, therefore i decided to pursue instead the PAL certification.

I went back to the basics and started reading again the Scrum guide, and the agile manifesto. Also did the assessments (SM, PO, and the one from Agile Mercurial) and im passing em with 100% a couple of times (because i already know the answers) but still wrote down all the explanations and ive been reading em to understand the question and not only get the answer right.

I started on the Agile Leadership learning path (and boy, some of those blogs opened my eyes and my mind), which i intend to complete, and also the "Suggested Reading for Professional Agile Leadership". Due to time constrain im planning to do the articles, blogs and videos, but since i want to do it before this month ends, i dont think ill have time to read any books.

Do you guys think i should with these preparation is enough to take the exam or do you recommend me including something else, are any books that are a must for taking this certification?

All your feedback will be greatly appreaciated


06:05 pm February 11, 2020

Hi Juan!

I have the same questions. I looked your profile and you still don't have the PAL-I certification. Did you take the assesment?



01:56 pm February 12, 2020

It really depends per person. Maybe you have very specific experience in the field, maybe you have high or low knowledge retention, so it is really hard to say anything about it at this point. I'd say try the exam and see what happens. If you don't pass the exam, you'll learn something. If you do pass the exam, YAY!:)

06:39 pm February 12, 2020

Hi Juan,

As a PAL I certificate holder,  I suggest you to take open assessment. Also read the EBM guide and scrum guide. These two guides are enough and focus on 3 roles:PO,SM and dev team