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scrum jobs/volunteer

Last post 03:43 pm September 1, 2022 by Bianca Stratulat
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11:22 pm November 20, 2019

My background is mainly in financial services (coaching, project management, training etc), I recently got my scrum certification but obviously finding it difficult to find a job as most organisations want a few years of scrum experience which I do not have. But I am prepared to work on a voluntary basis and not get paid to at least get experience in the field. Anyone with suggestions, I would be grateful. I am currently living in Queensland Australia

04:25 pm November 26, 2019

Hello Schults Moyo. 

Congrats on your certification.


Regarding opportunities, I would suggest you to go to Agile meetups and events related to agility. Also, you could try to talk to NGOs that work with software and would be willing to accept your help. There you would be able to help the world, while applying Scrum.


Most importantly, don't give up.

11:33 pm November 26, 2019

Thank you Carlos, I appreciate that...

03:33 am November 27, 2019

I also find that weird... certification does not equate to better understanding of what the team needs... I worked with some scrum masters before and I found that there were some scrum master who do have certifications that are more efficient than those who have (not all, but there are)

02:48 pm November 27, 2019

There is a lot to do here with networking when people have less experience. So if there are no meetups etc,maybe you can organize one. For instance, dive into the Liberating Structures and try to make a (mostly free) meetup to expand your network. That always helps.

04:47 am December 14, 2019

thanks Sandra

06:00 pm December 14, 2019

I am a life-long contractor and consultant so those times in between contracts can be stressful. The key is to not give up. Keep applying to every Scrum Master job and contract role you can find on the popular job boards. Keep your profile on these job boards active by logging in each week and making some edit. Many recruiters will search for profiles which are active and have been updated in the last two to four weeks.

11:20 am February 24, 2020



You could try and get a volunteer job (doesn't have to be a Scrum Master role) and see whether you can integrate Scrum into their requirements i.e. if you found a role assisting on a volunteer magazine then you could use Scrum to assist with incremental production of workload, get a contract in an area which you know and whilst in the interview talk about Agile, Scrum and advise that you could utilise Scrum within their current project (or can run scrum parallel to a current Project) they may go for it they may not, but what do you have to lose. If you are currently not working create Scrum boards for work which you performed in the past to see how it could have been improved with Scrum, Just do what you re doing now which is networking with Lie minded people within Australia and Outside. Join LinkedIn and become a member of the Scrum group as they may have some useful advice. Update you CV, fine tune it, hell create a Scrum board and treat your CV like a Project updating each part like you would if you were performing a sprint, Create a definition of Done for each section of the CV, test the CV by sending it out. Keep practicing what you do to keep your knowledge fresh and use You tube, books, video's & Audibles to keep your Knowledge fresh.

As Mark Adams said, keep applying for jobs and keep looking at your journey from a positive view point . 

10:05 pm May 29, 2020

Looking for Scrum Master volunteering jobs. Online, if possible (Covid...). Willing to work without pay. Any ideas?

08:32 pm September 14, 2021

Hi everyone, I am trying to find any valuable chance to make experience as scrum master. any help would be appreciated.

12:07 pm June 14, 2022

Hello everyone, I am trying to find any valuable chance to make experience as scrum master even if it is volunteer work. Any help would be appreciated. I am based in the UK

10:07 pm August 29, 2022

I've completed my SCRUM certification couple of months ago.however, its difficult to apply it in my current company as we don't have a team of developers, product owners. Here's everything is me except developer. Also, I'm management student and came in this industry. Looks for a projects in Ahmedabad, India where I can volunteer and gain some experience.


08:08 am September 1, 2022

Start applying Agile in your current work environment. Convince the management team of the benefits and mitigate for an environment that is truly Agile. Also a reminder that Scrum methodologies are not only applicable to Software and the Scrum Master is a role, not a job. Yes, there are jobs that specifically ask for a Scum Master, but  you can still be a developer and in the same time a Scrum Master. 

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