12 questions to answer for PSM Exam

Last post 04:54 pm December 2, 2019
by Jon-Paul Murrow
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02:53 pm November 27, 2019

I found this questions that are not to easy for me or maybe they are not correct. If you can open this link https://imgur.com/a/xj4lQFL

and here on this forum share correct answer and if you like you can add an explanation.

For example:

1. B, because ....

2. C, D because...

Thanks you in advance...


02:58 pm November 27, 2019

I'd say these topics have been discussed a gazillion times on this forum. Please just look at the seperate questions and look for the answers:) You'll learn a lot more.

08:39 pm November 27, 2019

Dejan, it has been stated and repeated many times not to trust any Scrum exam or certification source other than MLapshin and Scrum.org.

It is also quite demanding of you to ask this community to review 12 troubling practice exam questions from one of these sources, and expect that they will provide you with correct answers and reasoning behind them.

My suggestion, and you are free to take or disregard (my feelings won't be hurt - just trying to help) is to take one question at a time, provide your (incorrect) answer and your reasoning behind it, and ask the community for their input.   Unfortunately, this is still requesting the community to reference practice questions from a questionable source.

12:57 am November 29, 2019

My advice to you would be to not worry about third party practice assessments. The actual assessment will be more difficult and you will see questions that you won't see anywhere else. This is why your knowledge and understanding of Scrum needs to be concrete.

(1) Complete every single item in the Scrum Master Learning Path.

(2) Take an in-person class with a Professional Scrum Trainer. There is no substitute to the knowledge gained from an in-person class.

(3) Search the forums for other PSM assessment preparation tips.

04:19 pm November 29, 2019


I looked at the questions and your answers. While I won’t be able to comment on each question separately as it will be very lengthy, I can tell you that for the most part, the questions I correct and the answers are too except that your answers are wrong. 

In fact, the questions are very easy so I suggest you do more reading and studying before you sit for the exam.

Good Luck.


04:54 pm December 2, 2019

I don't think there's any value in giving you the direct answers but I will provide a few questions that I hope help get your thinking on the right track. I'm just rushing through these quickly.

1) The scientific method is empirical does that mean everything in a science book is set in stone?

2) 4) 6) 13) What is the purpose of the sprint review? What value is there in reviewing something that isn't done?

3) Who is the increment for? What is the product owner's responsibility?

7) What is an impediment? How can certain impediments be resolved?

8) What does transparency mean?

9) What happens to incomplete sprint backlog items at the end of a sprint? What would the value be in pulling in items to the sprint that cannot be completed?

10) Who attends the daily scrum?

11) Who is responsible for the product backlog? How can each of those points help the product owner? What is the product owner's main responsibility?

12) What happens in product backlog grooming in scaled scrum?

I think if you answer those questions, or discuss them here, then you'll be in a much better position. Also, some answers are word for word in the scrum guide so I'd also suggest re-reading that.