PSPO II - Have the password, but test pending

Last post 04:41 pm December 2, 2019
by Vaibhav Sabharwal
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04:10 pm December 2, 2019

Hi All,

I am in a bit of a dilemma, hence I put this question up. I had bought the earlier PSPO II (When there was no PSPO II just I and II), but have not given it yet, as am still undergoing my preparation. So with the introduction of the new PSPO II, would I be giving PSPO III directly, using my password ? As there is a difference in the fee I payed - USD 500

Thanks in advance.



04:17 pm December 2, 2019

Hello Vaibhav,

As noted on the website, your password has automatically been converted to a PSPO III password.  If you have questions please contact


Thank you.

04:41 pm December 2, 2019

Perfect, thank you! I was confused since it was mentioned that we can only give the PSPO III after clearing the PSPO II. Does this still apply in my case? If yes, then would I need to purchase a PSPO II password [As it was also mentioned, that those having an earlier PSPO III would be given a free chance at the PSPO II]

Thanks again for the prompt reply!