Epic sizing and measurement metrics

Last post 07:05 pm April 28, 2020
by Daniel Wilhite
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11:20 am April 28, 2020

Hi All, 

 I am relatively new to Agile. We have epics defined in Jira and user stories linked to those Epics.

Before we start measuring progress of Epics, what are the basics we need to follow to create measurable Epic. 

For example, we do not have story points estimate in the epics and it is not time boxed. 



03:28 pm April 28, 2020

Why not start with a story map, and a walking skeleton of the valuable features that might be incrementally delivered?

07:05 pm April 28, 2020

This might help you see the relationship between an epics and stories.  Consider the literary definitions.  Star Wars is an epic.  Within the Star Wars epic there are many mechanism for telling the story (movies, books, TV shows, animated shows, etc). Each of these mechanisms can contain more than one story line and those story lines can span multiple occurances of mechanisms. Each of the mechanisms for telling the story require different amounts of work to produce. The total effort to produce the Epic is made up of the sum of all the story mechanisms. An Epic can live on for ever or could be completed. But how long it takes for the completion or even if it will ever be completed is not known and is determined after the work to tell the story begins. 

So, given that description can you arrive at a reasonable answer to your own questions?