Out of Scrum master in my company. What can we do?

Last post 07:42 pm June 12, 2020
by Felipe Souza
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03:16 pm June 11, 2020

Hello guys,

I am current working at a software house here in Brazil. We have been using Scrum since 2018, but this semester, half of ours scrum master have leaved the company, and the other half is actually working even on more projects than they can handle. So we have a sales funnel with a lot of clients, people to execute, but to no scrum master (or manager as we call) to guide the project. Anyone has any ideia of what we can do for now, until we capacitate, or hire, more people to be scrum master?

Thank you!!!

09:02 pm June 11, 2020

Which of these initiatives do you think would most benefit from a Scrum approach, and why?

12:34 am June 12, 2020

Empower members of the Development Team, or even the Product Owner, to play the role of a Scrum Master and to practice shared responsibility over success.

03:51 am June 12, 2020

U want to try to learn scrum first and then influence everyone to change together?

10:19 am June 12, 2020

What options do you and the rest of the Scrum Teams identify yet?

05:49 pm June 12, 2020

As this problem happened frequently, at this time of the year, we are looking for a solution that could avoid this problem in the future, so we thought about applying the Squads and Tribes model (from spotify), but we haven't yet structured it. For now, we're looking to teach developers about the basics of Scrum, and put a temporary manager on the kick-off to just start the first sprint, but I'm not sure if this gonna work.