Metrics / Reports to Management

Last post 05:46 pm May 30, 2021
by Chuck Suscheck-PST
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01:56 am May 30, 2021

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I want to understand, what are the different types of Metrics / Reports that are supposed to be produced to Management to give a detailed outline as part of a release.


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Sachin Gawannavar

03:37 am May 30, 2021

They should know about the organizational impediments Scrum Teams face when trying to provide value each Sprint, and which senior leadership are best positioned to remove.

05:27 pm May 30, 2021

What, exactly, does "Management" want to know? Any metrics should be selected based on the information needs of stakeholders.

I'd also suggest that the Sprint Review is the opportunity for the Product Owner to invite key stakeholders, including management, to get insights into what the Developers have been doing, the current state of the Product Backlog, reviewing timelines and budgets and release plans, and reviewing changes in users and use cases for the product. It could be possible that many of management's questions can be answered without metrics and reports attending the Sprint Review that is no more than 4 hours every Sprint.

05:46 pm May 30, 2021

If you are using a Kanban + scrum approach (PSK), use a montecarlo to show where the forecast stands in relation to what's left.

You should certainly make sure they see the product goal and probably the various sprint goals.  Lots of people use story points and velocity, but I prefer a Kanban flow approach.


The ultimate question is what is management trying to know about?  What are they trying to control (hopefully not much).  The EBM metrics can help a a place to look, but the biggest question is not what reports and metrics, but what are they looking to see and why.