Badges on certifications has changed

Last post 01:07 pm August 21, 2021
by Eric Naiburg
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09:03 am August 20, 2021

Hi all,

I recently saw that the certifications have received an update, specifically on the badges in the bottom right corner. I don’t know if I have to get used to this, but I feel kinda sad about this. In my opinion the previous design was easier to the eye since everything was only in 1 color. Now a dark blue has been added which don’t really add any value.. it bothers me the most in combination of the PO certification. 

As said, maybe I need some time to get used to this but I wanted to know what others think of this.

Old design
New design

09:15 am August 20, 2021

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old design


new design

06:41 pm August 20, 2021

I liked the previous badge style better. It gave the certificate more of a awarding look. Although, maybe due to mental conditioning. Not sure why they thought they needed to change it but I'm sure we'll get use to them. I had downloaded all of my badges and certificates as I got them, so I sill have the prior style.

03:18 am August 21, 2021

Here is a link with additional information:

In that link, see the last posting from Eric Naiburg, dated 8/18/2021, announcing's supporting the Credly/Acclaim platform for their badges.

01:07 pm August 21, 2021

That is correct this is part of the formatting that is standard use for Credly and if you have other badges like Microsoft, IBM and PMI and many others these will carry some common look and drive greater recognition for your achievements.  I do also think it just will take some getting use to as Alex mentions as change requires getting use to.  That said, these new badges in my opinion look much more professional and credible.  

To Kevin's point, the blue brings commonality across all badges as that is the brand color while the green in your instance is the Product Owner curriculum color so bringing visibility to that.  In this case all badges will carry consistent coloring while be curriculum defining by their overall color.


Thank you and I think you will find many benefits with this additional benefit that all certification holders now receive by being able to bring all earned badges and skills together under one profile (Credly) and the other benefits that Credly brings like social sharing, job searching and matching and much more.  Learn more about this change here.