Which is best course to get skilled Agile Coach ?

Last post 11:14 am September 27, 2021
by Ryan Brook
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01:33 pm September 19, 2021
01:34 pm September 19, 2021

I have already completed PSM ( 1 & 2) and PAL 1.

06:15 pm September 19, 2021

The best course is called "life". But jokes aside, it really depends on the organization you are working in for what is required and how it is reflected in your experience and personality. The Gladwell Academy has a great all-round Agile Coaching study but it is both extensive as well as expensive. 

I'd say check what skills and knowledge are required and where the potential gap is between with those you already acquired. Base your choice on that.

04:49 am September 23, 2021

I have found ICP ACC Certification. I am not sure whether it is good Certificate for Agile Coach or not. Can any one suggest ?

06:16 pm September 24, 2021

I think this is quite a useful video from IZenBridge Consultancy on the subject and yes ICP-ACC is thought of as good when you want to grow your Agile Coaching skills.

(1) Development Path for Agile Coaching - YouTube


Hope that helps.


11:14 am September 27, 2021

'Agile Coach' is a catch-all term that is ambiguous. My current market tends to think of an Agile Coach as being three things:

- knowledgeable about multiple value delivery options (Kanban, Scrum, LeSS etc)

- able to work with the full depth of the organisation (Developers through to the upper management)

- a gap filler with Product Ownership, Scrum Mastery and technical skills.

Some of those may be valid and some may not be, but the overwhelming similarity in the Agile Coaches that I've worked with is as Sander says- life. They've been there, done/are doing it and have the experience to back it up. You can't get a qualification for that.

My advice would be to experience a range of different teams and setups, study some of the frameworks they use, and maybe then you'll be in a position to coach generally about agile.