Availability of PSD I assessment without course

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by Ba Luu Van
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06:34 am September 16, 2012


On the following page on Scrum.org:

It states:
"At present, Professional Scrum Developer I assessment and certification is open only to those who have taken a Professional Scrum Developer course. Assessment is currently based on the body of knowledge contained in the courseware. Once the body of knowledge has been formalized as a Scrum Developer Guide, the assessment will be open to the public and anyone – including those who have not taken a Professional Scrum Developer course – will be able to assess themselves. "

Can anyone tell me how long it's likely to be before the public can take the assessment without requiring attendance at a course?

Thanks in advance.

06:36 am September 16, 2012

That subject line should of course read, "Availability of assessment WITHOUT course". Sorry!

11:40 am September 17, 2012

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your question. As soon as this is done there will be an announcement.


12:11 pm September 17, 2012

Thanks for your reply, Daniel.

Do you have any ideas of vague time scales for this?

I appreciate you probably cannot give an accurate date, however I'd be good to know if this is something that is likely to be weeks, months or years away.

Thanks again.

04:22 am September 19, 2012

Having taken the course, it still would be handy to have a PSD 1 practice assessment.

05:10 pm September 19, 2012

Very likely not weeks, or years. ;-)


05:14 pm September 19, 2012

Hi Flavia,

This is on our backlog.


06:35 pm May 20, 2013

Most likely over halv a year now :-)
Would also be interested.

03:39 am June 5, 2013

Hi Daniel,

It's been around 8 months now since your last post indicating that the assessments would be available without requiring course attendance and that this was "on your backlog".

Can you possibly provide an update as to where this is at and when it may be available?


09:46 am June 25, 2013

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your question. Separating the PSD I assessment from the PSD course is on the backlog. We’ve been focused on other initiatives, however, we expect it to be released sometime near the end of this year.


11:05 am June 25, 2013

Posted By Daniel Racowsky on 19 Sep 2012 05:10 PM
Very likely not weeks, or years. ;-)


Any update?

11:48 pm December 31, 2014

Now as I can see it's open and not required any course. Let's try to get PSD now ;)