What's next step to be a Scrum Trainer?

Last post 02:54 pm October 16, 2012
by Dominik Maximini
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05:13 am October 16, 2012

Hi Friends,

I've been using Scrum & Agile over 5 yrs. I attended 3 official Agile & Scrum training, most of them are 2 ~4 days.
Now, I'm acting as a scrum master in my teams. My next target is to be a certified Agile & Scrum trainer. Any suggest from you?


02:54 pm October 16, 2012

Hi Jess Chen,

a good start might be this section on the website: https://www.scrum.org/About/Work-With-Us/Trainers
One prerequisite to apply for becoming a Scrum Trainer is to pass the assessments (at least PSM I and PSM II) with more than 95%. Do you meet this requirement?