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How to pass Professional Scrum Master I (PSM) certification test in #6 steps

Last post 03:58 am November 14, 2013 by Charles Bradley
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07:22 am January 3, 2013

Hello Team! I wrote an article with six steps I used to pass on PSM I certification test.

Now I am sharing them with you:…

I hope you enjoy!

Peace and Hugs
Eduardo Sucena

11:44 am November 8, 2013

HI, Can you send me the other reference books you used for the preps leaving the Scrum Guide ( which is available on the site ). I have gone through the Guide multiple times and have been associated with Scrum team for over a year.
I am preparing to give the PSM 1 certification. Any inputs/material from your side would be helpful.

02:48 pm November 11, 2013

Sounds great! Unfurtunately, I cannot apply the learnings in my project as it is not an Scrum project. What I do is that I try to imagine what should I do in some cases or how I can explain Scrum to my current team, if we were turning the project into a Scrum project =P

As Shubhadip said, can you tell us any reference book you have read in order to prepare yourself for the exam? Also, did you attend any course related to the Exam?

Thanks Eduardo.

04:31 pm November 13, 2013

Whew, Eduardo, the title of your message here got me scared, but the content is great. The assessments are created to help people assess their knowledge, and -as you indicate- much knowledge in Scrum can only come from doing it.
I recently wrote and published an essentials book, "Scrum - A Pocket Guide". Those who read it, confirmed that it helps grasping the mindset of Scrum better. More information at…
I also think that Lyssa Adkins' book "Coaching Agile Teams" is a must for Scrum Masters, see

03:58 am November 14, 2013

We also have a main thread on this subject here: