What action should Scrum Master take?

Last post 10:43 am October 16, 2013
by Jonathan Kessel-Fell
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10:00 pm September 17, 2013

Suppose Person A is working as Scrum Master in USA and Development Team Members are physically located in India and China.
Now Scrum Master wants to ensure that Daily Scrum Meeting is happening or not?
What action should he take -
1. Ask development team to do the daily scrum meeting by their own
2. set up a meeting by himself and send invite to development team
3. call one of the development team and confirm

05:23 am September 18, 2013

The Scrum Master does not need to attend the Daily Scrum, but he does need to make sure that it happens and that the rules are followed. This duty could conceivably involve any of the three actions you cite.

04:08 pm October 15, 2013

The Scrum Master should advise the development team that they need to hold a Daily Scrum meeting. From there it is up to the team to determine the best time/place to hold the meeting. As a self-organizing team that is their right. To verify if the meeting happened, the Scrum Master can attend the meeting or ask the team if the meeting took place.

If that isn't sufficient then there could be a trust issue here that needs to be discussed and resolved. If this is the case, the Scrum Master needs to find out why the team does not want to hold the meeting and coach the team accordingly.


10:43 am October 16, 2013

From personal experience of working with agile distributed teams, I invited the Development team members to take turns in setting up the meeting (part of a Scrum Master’s coaching role) and asked for them to invite all including me. That way they have ownership, participate in all meetings because when they do their meetings they want them to go just as well, and you have sight of the event and when you attend can confirm the rules are followed.