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Trying to create my own workflow

Last post 12:16 pm January 12, 2014 by Nicolas Sanzana
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10:46 am January 10, 2014

Hello Scrum guys, I'm trying to understand better how Scrum works, so I'll try to communicate my questions with an example.

Our organization (ABC) is a fictitious company that develop projects tailored working with Scrum framework. Our Sales Manager has identified a new business with other company interested in work with us (company XYZ), because XYZ company need to build a new complex software with all information of different applications integrated.

What is the origin of Scrum in this case? - I'm thinking that Product Owner (PO) should go to our new customer (company XYZ) in order to define project scope, requirements (user stories) and work in meetings with all stakeholders, so in summary I'm thinking in these steps:

1 - PO assists to some meetings with end customer
2 - PO Write user stories and prioritized these requirements
3 - PO include elements in Product Backlog (only PO can modify it)
4 - Product Backlog is shown with Development Team
5 - Development Team define period of sprint (2 weeks / 3 weeks / 1 month) according experiences
6 - In the Sprint working in Product Backlog each day.
7 - Do Daily Scrum
8 - Do Sprint Planning Meeting
9 - Scrum Master (SM) worksdirectly with Development Team
10 - Do Sprint Review Meeting
11 - Do Sprint Retrospective


1 - The above steps roughly represent Scrum framework?
2 - Sprint Burndown is equals to Burn Down Chart?
3 - The Product Backlog can be visible using post-it and witheboards?
4 - End customers can be part of 'Sprint Review Meeting?
5 - Who is accountable for Sprint Burndown / Burn Down Chart?
6 - If in the middle of develop process, PO identifies that may be will be required other person to join in DEV Team, this decision is taken by PO or SM?
7 - Can you tell me some example of 'delete obstacles' by SM in order to benefit at DEV Team?
8 - Difference between Sprint Backlog / Product Backlog?

Really appreciate your expert advice here,

Best Regards,

11:36 am January 10, 2014

> I'm thinking that Product Owner (PO) should
> go to our new customer (company XYZ) in
> order to define project scope

If XYZ are interested in working with you, why don't they supply the Product Owner themselves? Presumably XYZ will receive each increment and be accountable for the Return on Investment. A PO from ABC would only be a proxy for this real owner.

12:09 pm January 10, 2014

Thanks Ian.

I had not thought about the option that the company interested could to have other Product Owner, if this were the scenario, the communication between both companies should be managed by both PO's.

1 - What do you think about my worklow, is correct?

Really appreciate if you can help me trying to clear the other questions too.

Thanks a lot,


01:39 pm January 10, 2014

The best product ownership can be found where the product is released and value is earned. Usually that will be on the client side.

Sometimes supplier side proxies have to be used. This can be for logistical reasons (e.g. the client and supplier are too remote from each other), or because the client does not have the requisite product ownership skills. Proxying is not the ideal model and is typically resorted to as a workaround.

Most of the other questions you have can be resolved by reading the Scrum Guide. There's a link to it at the bottom of this page. I suggest you read that carefully and then post any new or outstanding queries.

03:48 pm January 10, 2014

Hi Nico,

ad 1)

ad 2)
yes, but there are two charts: sprint burndown chart and product burndown chart

ad 3)
yes, it can be. But also might be handled by some piece of software. Up to you. They say that is more convenient, but may be destroyed by cleaning service ;)

ad 4)

ad 5)
sprint burndown chart - dev team (usually scrum master)
product burndown chart - PO

ad 6)
PO, scrum master, dev team, line management

ad 7)
examples of impediments:
- no air conditions - SM might talk to office manager
- the team is not collocated - SM might to talk to line management
- many managers disturb the team by asking for help - SM might explain that only PO can do it (ideally via adding item to the backlog).

ad 8)
see 1)


12:16 pm January 12, 2014

Thanks a lot for your answers!
Really appreciate


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