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by Bhuvan Misra
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04:14 am January 23, 2014


I am wanting to take the PSPO course but being based in South Africa, attending the required course is a challenge. I know there was mention in 2012 that the PSPO assessment would become open, with no requirements, has there been any further development regarding this?

Do I have any other options?


06:01 am January 24, 2014

Also from South Africa. I just passed my PSM-I and would love to know the same thing for my PO to get certified.

06:02 am January 24, 2014

Just adding here. The only certified Scrum training in South Africa is Mandy Schoeman of Scrum Solutions ( Based in Cape Town. Might be worth contacting her to find out about the course?

03:41 pm January 29, 2014

Hi Justin,
Would you mind sending me your contact details to and I will call you regarding the PSPO courses and assessments.
Thank you.

07:52 am January 30, 2014

For those interested in sitting the PSPO assessment without the coursework, see's response below:

Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 14:21:35 -0500


Thank you for your interest in and for your message. At this time, only students who have taken a PSPO course with a Professional Scrum Trainer (as certified by is allowed access to take our PSPO I and PSPO II assessments. Please note however, that although this is our current policy, that within the next 6 months or less we will be changing this policy and detaching these assessments from our course. This means, in 6 months or less, you will be able to purchase an attempt at the PSPO I assessment from our website whether or not you have attended a PSPO course. For the time being however, an individual still needs to take a PSPO course in order to gain access to our assessment. Thank you again for your interest in and enjoy your day.


Also, In case you are interested, I have just added your name/email address to a waiting list of individuals who we will email to notify once the PSPO I assessment has been made available to the general public for purchase at our website. We are quite certain this will be made available within 6 months or less, but hopefully it will be completed and go into effect within the next 3 months. Regardless, we will notify you once the PSPO I assessment is available to the public for purchase. Thanks!


The Support Team


05:58 am February 2, 2014

Hi Mandy,

Email sent.


03:42 am February 21, 2014

Attending a classrom course is no longer necessary as long as one knows about the PSPO subject areas. I also noticed that the recommended reading sections are updated and each domain now has a book!

Fee: $200
Passing score: 85%
Time limit: 60 minutes
Format: Multiple choice and True/False
Study Topics: PSPO Subject Areas
Recommended course: Professional Scrum Product Owner
Practice assessment: Scrum Open…

04:22 am February 21, 2014