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no developer courses for .NET users?

Last post 01:59 pm June 10, 2014 by Anonymous
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02:35 pm June 5, 2014

I'm very much interested in pursuing certification as a scrum developer. However, I'm a .NET developer and I've noticed there are no .NET courses scheduled in the United States for the foreseeable future. Why is that? How can I get the certification without having the course? Thanks.

11:49 am June 10, 2014

You can get the certification by studying the scrum guide (the free download from and then doing the PSM-I exam online.

I have only done PSM-I and PSD-I but for these two the scrum guide and the open assesments are enough, in fact the scrum course (no idea if it was scrum aliance or or some independant, I dont remember) I did just added confusion by talking about extending scrum with sprint 0 and so on which was unhelpful.

01:59 pm June 10, 2014

Hi Jim,

Thank you for your question. Taking the PSD course is not required to achieve PSD certification. The Professional Scrum Developer I (PSD I) assessment is available to anyone who feels they possess the knowledge of a Professional Scrum Developer.

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