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Reviews (Peer Review) in Agile Scrum

Last post 09:48 pm June 6, 2022 by Ian Mitchell
2 replies
05:31 pm June 5, 2022

Is Peer Review not mandated in Agile-Scrum Or anywhere suggests Peer-Review is not required? Looking for varied response as a Very Senior Agile-Scrum practitioner opines so. 

Appreciate multiple-view points.

06:21 pm June 6, 2022

Simple answer to this: no, it's not required. Not saying it might not be useful, but it's definitely not mandatory. There are no mandatory practices in Scrum.

09:48 pm June 6, 2022

Never mind what the Very Senior Agile Scrum practitioner says. He or she is not accountable for the quality of a Done increment: the Developers are. So how do they think they can best collaborate and assure their joint commitment to quality?