PSM I and PSPO I exam

Last post 11:02 am August 26, 2014
by Ludwig Harsch
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08:43 am August 21, 2014

Hi to all,

I attende a PSM I course and made no the exam.
Is the PSMI exam fundamentally different then the PSPO I exam ?
Can I try to make the exam, when having passed the PSMI?
Or are the questions so different and pointing on tools of the PO, which is not described in the Scrum Guide but only handled in the appropriate PSPO trainings and by being expert in using it?

Thanks a lot,

11:28 am August 25, 2014

Hi Patricia,
have a look at this thread:
Best, Ludwig

01:16 am August 26, 2014

Hi All,
Recently took PSM-I exam and couldn't make it, can anyone please guide me on the books/ references that i need to go through. I read a lot of material on Agile-scrum and sample question/ answers on the web, and also consistently i scored 100% in the open assesment and was pretty confident before i gave the exam.But the questions were very tricky and with so less time i couldnt make it :(

Thank you,

11:02 am August 26, 2014

Hi Akhila,
have you attended the recommended 2 day course?
I found that very helpful.
Best, Ludwig