Scrum Master is a "management" position?

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by Curtis Slough
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01:41 pm September 11, 2014

I had this question in the open assessment. I am not sure what this answer is. The correct answer seems to say Scrum Master is a "management" position = True. Then in the feedback section it seems to say the Scrum Master does not manage a team. Can someone explain the difference for me? I thought the Scrum Master need NOT be a management position.

Scrum Master is a "management" position?

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Missed correct answer A)True
Incorrect answer B)False
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The Scrum Master manages the Scrum process. If the Scrum Master is not a management position, he or she may not have the influence to remove impediments. The Scrum Master does not manage the team.

09:18 pm September 13, 2014

The Scrum Master is a mgmt level position, but it is not a "manager" position. In other words, the SM doesn't "manage the team" or have HR responsibility (perf reviews etc.) over the team. Also, they are not there to "drive results" or "drive the team."

However, for them to be effective, they need to be at least at the "management" level of an org. Think of it as someone who is viewed as part of the mgmt team, without being someone who has direct reports.

10:35 am September 15, 2014

Thanks Charles. That is true!

04:20 am January 27, 2015

In my opinion, the Scrum Master is a management position.

The fact is that it does not manage the teams, but manages the scrum framework adoption (perhaps using a improvement backlog, as Mike Cohn suggests in 'Suceeding with Agile').

Hope it helps.

Àlex Ballarin - PSM I, PMP, DAD Yellow Belt
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05:15 pm July 27, 2017

It makes sense. But the problem is when we read "Scrum Master is a management position" we immediately think of managing the team not the Scrum framework adoption. I have got this question wrong as I thought of a position similar to the PM in PRINCE2 and I rejected the answer

09:01 pm July 27, 2017

That's the thing with the PSM assessments, word play at it's finest. It is a management position, but it's a Process management position instead of a People management position. You'll see more questions like this on the assessment that really make you think.