Doubt about Definition of Done

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by Olivier Ledru
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05:04 am September 30, 2014

Hi all,

I have a "detailed doubt" about how to interpret how Definition of Done is defined on the Scrum Guide (2013).

In page 15 we can see:
1. This is the definition of “Done” for the Scrum Team and is used to assess when work is complete on the product Increment.
2. If "done" for an increment is not a convention of the development organization, the Development Team of the Scrum Team must define a definition of “done” appropriate for the product.

I always thought that DoD is a tool used within by the Developmen Team to standardize and improve quality, but that first reference to the whole Scrum Team is misleading me a little bit.

How they I should answer the question "Who must conform the Definition of done?" The Development Team or the Scrum Team?

Thanks in advance.

10:50 am September 30, 2014

Scrum Team must conform the Definition of Done not the Development Team.

The Development Team knows how to deliver the product which is appropriate for product owner. But only the Product owner only knows whether it is appropriate product or not.

11:04 am September 30, 2014

Development team must conform the Defination of Done as they build the increment

11:35 am September 30, 2014


here precisely lies my doubt.

As far as I understood, DoD described the quality requirements the work items should meet, so it typically contained technical aspects that the PO was not interested about. The PO may use the own work item to define the needed functionality. In that case, the DoD was something for the Development Team, but those statements I reproduced in my first post suggest the DoD has interest on it. So the doubt continues unfortunately. :-(

03:51 pm October 1, 2014

The DOD describes the quality criteria of the product.
Who is the more involved in the quality of the product, if not the Product Owner ?

02:18 am October 2, 2014

Hi Olivier,

I do agree that the PO should be involved in the DoD for many aspects (sentence 1), but is the Development Team who chooses which technical approach uses to create the increments and they write DoD (sentence 2).

Therefore, it seems clear to me that both PO and DT collaborate to create and update the DOD, but I get different answers regarding "who must conform it" and that is a PSM I exam question... :-(

Thanks anyway!

08:00 am October 2, 2014

As you said, both PO and DT collaborate to create and update the DOD.

My point of view is that the people who are developping the product have to conform to it.
The PO can actually ask for very stringent criteria, the DT has to conform to it. The velocity will evolve accordingly.