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Failed SCRUM foundation, questions left..

Last post 07:37 am October 11, 2014 by michael
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07:24 am October 10, 2014

Hello all,

At first, sorry if my English is sometimes not clear to you people, i am not a native speaker.

Last week I failed for my scrum foundation exam. This are my percentages.

3 / 6 50% Advanced Scrum concepts
3 / 4 75% Monitoring Scrum projects
6 / 10 60% Scrum Planning
9 / 14 64% Scrum practices

So i think my focus is on Advanced scrum concepts and scrum planning. Do you experts know how I can improve those things? I can not find theory about how long scrum meetings could take (maximum time). Example: A sprintplanning meeting can take 2 hours for each week of the sprint? So if you have a weeks sprint the maximum time is 4 hours? What about the review meeting?

Some other hard questions to me:

- Who will implement the changes which come out of the retrospective?
- Scrum burn down chart. How is the line getting longer? Remove work?
- All meetings (sprint planning, retrospective, review meeting). Who is responsible for the outcome. What is the scrum master doing and what is the PO and team doing? (responsibilities).
- What is the best way to get the customer involved? What is the best reason to give him why using scrum (because there are demos or because there are two week completions.

07:37 am October 11, 2014

Hi Sven,

Don't panic on the exam you will get there.
I guess you went for this as self study route, as this would have been covered in the PSF syllabus.

Lots of these explanations are in the scrum guide and the PSF along with every exam.
You must read the scrum guide as this is the framework for everything you will do.
The additional reading will really get you inside the framework, that's what you must do to
pass the certification, really get into the nuts and bolts of scrum.

#Scrum guide (Free)

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#Good additional reading for your furthering your scrum answers.…