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Scrum PSM I Assessment

Last post 05:07 am March 30, 2016 by Somesh Kumar Srivastava
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04:12 pm February 4, 2015

Last week I failed for my PSM I Assesment. (Price 100$)
Now I want to retry but the price has raised to 150$.

Are these price changes communicated on the site somewhere?

If I knew this would came I probably would have retried earlier :(


12:16 am February 5, 2015

Agreed. I have been prepping and studying and was actually all ready to pay my $100 to make my attempt. Now I see the incredible 50% increase in the cost of the assessment. How is this warranted? Where / when was this communicated?

12:08 pm February 5, 2015

PSM II is $500.00

06:00 pm February 5, 2015

Last time I did groceries, I lost 24 Euro!

06:09 pm February 5, 2015

I have the same issue. I have taken the test twice now and my latest attempt received an 83%. In the section of "Coaching and Facillitation", I received my lowest score while the other sections were in the 82 - 90% range. Can anyone provide guidance on how I could specifically improve this section.

BTW on practice tests (even on paid sites), I was also hitting 100% with regularity and felt quite prepared for the exam.

Thank you

11:46 am February 6, 2015

Re: "Coaching and Facilitation"

See this other thread on same topic:

09:00 am February 8, 2015

I did my PSM-I exam two months ago, and found the exam very serious. More serious than other exams offered by other Scrum associations. So I want to congratulate for this attitude.
My suggestion is to read many times the Scrum Guide, an absolute reference for the exam. For reading more about coaching and facilitation, I can suggest to read the book "Coaching Agile Teams - A companion for scrummasters, agile Coaches, and Project managers in Transition - Lyssa Adkins". And if you want a bunch of exercises for free you can email me

05:47 pm February 8, 2015

PSPO I is $200.00 ...

11:05 am February 9, 2015

I just took the test last week and I missed with only one question which is 84%.
I was thinking re-take just after the exam.
I think 150$ too much, beside that $$$ got some value in many countries. In addition to this , re-take exams are not refunded by the company we work for.
May be first test 150$, but next one should definitely cheaper.

04:25 am February 10, 2015

I have just failed PMS-I with received an 81% (one of the fail reason the page of question 35 wasn't loaded, it took me some minutes and I must copy the url of the failed page to another browser and then I could continue to do the exam, but impacted to me so much. And another reason as I forgot to click finish button when I wasn't ready). So that I want to re-take exam again. Because I wasted time to study this. But the with $150 free is too much, I agree with Ali "first test is may be 150$, but next one should definitely cheaper"

09:25 am April 3, 2015

I am a bit disappointed about the response on my question.
How is pricing for certification arranged? (who decides these changes)
And again: Can I find announcements of upcomming price changes?

I don't mind if it's price A of B.
I do however mind that I get a 50% increase within a week to retry.
( That is why I wonder if this is communicated.)

10:23 am February 24, 2016

Posted By Ken Lepere on 05 Feb 2015 06:09 PM
I have the same issue. I have taken the test twice now and my latest attempt received an 83%. In the section of "Coaching and Facillitation", I received my lowest score while the other sections were in the 82 - 90% range. Can anyone provide guidance on how I could specifically improve this section.

BTW on practice tests (even on paid sites), I was also hitting 100% with regularity and felt quite prepared for the exam.

Thank you

Same issue here: i scored 89%-96% in all sections but 16% (!) in "Coaching and Facillitation".
It's hard for me to find any reason explaining this 'huge gap' related to this specific section.

I have been through all pages of the scrum guide (i didn't skip any paragraph), i have been very successful on all mock tests i found on the web and also felt 'ready' for the exam.


03:49 am February 25, 2016


Those who have taken the PSM 1 assessment recently, did you find questions from the Scrum developer open assessment i.e. where there any technical/development related questions?


09:35 am March 6, 2016


I have just passed the PSM 1 today (94%) and havent found any development related question on the assessment.



10:32 am March 8, 2016

In Open assessment, I got a question:

The Development Team should not be interrupted during the Sprint. The Sprint Goal should remain intact. These are conditions that foster creativity, quality and productivity. Based on this, which of the following is FALSE?

A) The Product Owner can help clarify or optimize the Sprint when asked by the Development Team.
B) The Sprint Backlog is fully formulated in the Sprint Planning meeting and does not change during the Sprint.
C) As a decomposition of the selected Product Backlog Items, the Sprint Backlog changes and may grow as the work emerges.
D) The Development Team may work with the Product Owner to remove or add work if it finds it has more or less capacity than it expected

I answered C but as per system correct answer is B. It also gave the explanation of the correct answer that The Sprint Backlog makes visible all of the work that the Development Team identifies as necessary to meet the Sprint Goal. The Development Team modifies the Sprint Backlog throughout the Sprint, and the Sprint Backlog emerges during the Sprint.

Can anyone please explain me why I was wrong. This was the only question I answered wrong :(

03:38 pm March 8, 2016

Without reading the end of your post Somesh, my answer was B. Glad I got it correct!

That said, here is my reasoning:

A) Yes, this can certainly occur if the development team needs clarification on work accepted in a sprint, especially if their initial approach for meeting the sprint goal changes based on the discovery process.

C) Yes, the Sprint Backlog is a decomposition of the Product Backlog, and as work emerges, stories may change in size.

D) Yes, scope change may occur in a sprint (up/down), in collaboration with the Product Owner.

B) No. While the Sprint Backlog is fully formulated in the Sprint Planning meetings, it is not true that the Sprint Backlog never changes during the sprint. Just look at the reasons why C and D are correct.

12:54 am March 9, 2016

Take a look at the following article and correlate it to what the Scrum Guide has to say about the Sprint Backlog:

Commitment vs. Forecast: A subtle but important change to Scrum…

10:35 am March 10, 2016

Thanks Timothy for response on my post, i'm a bit clear on the answer now.

10:37 am March 10, 2016

Thanks Ian!

06:02 am March 16, 2016

Hi all,

Just to inform that I've passed the PSM I today with 99%. Want to extend my thanks to all who have posted replies to my questions and helped me in getting better understanding of Scrum.

However, I did not see many questions from Scaled Scrum but there were one or two.

Would also like to share some tips, here are below:

1. Read Scrum guide multiple times until you understand the whole Scrum framework very well. Try to question yourself and check whether your answer is in line with Scrum framework/process.
2. Read 'Professional Scrum Developer Glossary' & 'Glossary of Scrum Terms' available on
2. Read 'The Scrum Master Training Manual' available free at This will help you understand the scrum guide more easily.
3. Attempt all 'Free assessments' viz Scrum Open, PO Open, Developer Open available in website, until you are constantly getting above 95%. You will definitely see 15-20 questions straight from Open assessments which will save lot of time.
4. Read the Nexus Guide available in, just to understand how multiple Scrum teams work to create an integrated increment. Also try free Nexus Open assessments multiple times
5. Practice Scrums of Scrum through:
6. Use following link to test your knowledge on Scrum guide and it will also help you to check your speed of attempting questions during the real exam i.e. it is in real mode:
7. Visit forums on, post your questions/queries, believe me it really helps.
8. Below are some links which will help you in understanding the Scrum better:

All the best for your PSM certification.

09:39 pm March 16, 2016

Would you be able to share your experience and guide us?

05:07 am March 30, 2016

Hi Noirita,

Sorry for replying so late on your post.

Sure I'll help you out. As I have already shared the details on how you have to proceed with the preparation, please refer to that. You will find enough resources to prepare for PSM I. However, if you have any specific questions for me then feel free to post.

Apart from that, whenever you decide the day you want to give exam, just follow below notes as well:

1. Take the test at an isolated place, where you can concentrate, with decent internet speed (I took in my company's library room)
2. Take a glass of water with you, as you may feel thirsty or get nervous, so a sip of water will help you.
3. Do not try to google the answers as it will consume time and you may not be able to complete all 80 questions with time frame.
4. Switch off your mobile phone or put it on flight mode, close the office email application, sign out from all communication applications (skype, whatsapp, office communicator etc..) so that you don't get disturbed by notifications.
5. You have 80 questions in 60 mins so if you do the little math you get 45 secs for one question BUT you loose 2-3 secs in moving to next question hence you loose 5 more mins in total, i.e 80 questions in 55 mins - now 41 secs for one question. So, DO NOT spend more than 30 seconds on one question but if you stuck on any question, just mark it as 'Bookmark' and move forward. When you complete 80th question, then go to bookmarked questions and get them completed. This you you'll get enough time to complete bookmarked questions.
6. DO NOT 'Save and Submit' until you finish the bookmarked questions (if any).

Let me know if you have further queries.

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