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by Simon Reindl
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07:14 am June 14, 2015


I cleared PSM I certification with 92% in my first attempt. I took 2 weeks to prepare and found discussions on this forum helpful.

Sharing my preparation details:

Step I. Study Scrum Guide - first read
Step II. Gave open assessments a couple of times --> wasn't scoring 100%
Step III. Study Scrum Guide - second read, a good slow read
Step IV. Gave open assessment again --> was scoring 100% almost every time now
Step V. Gave few free mocks at
Step VI. Gave quizzes at --> took a paid membership of 30 days
Step VII. Study Scrum Guide - third read
Step VIII. Gave few more quizzes at testtakeronline, gave open scrum developer assessment a couple of times, studied scrum guide again and all the notes I had prepared during my learning process.

I also read about burn down/up charts, scaling scrums online.

Some feedback about resources:
- Scrum Study Guide - very informative and the only reliable resource, everything here is important
- europeanscrum mock tests - personally, didn't find too useful
- testtakeronline - the biggest value was that it forced me to do a more thorough reading of the scrum guide. quizzes helped to get immediate feedback on my mistakes. I did not like their mock tests format. I think sometimes the language or presentation was wrong, the test format wasn't too clear and they rate students low. Per testtaker, I wasn't prepared to take my test but I still went ahead and gave it - and gave it good.


09:14 am June 16, 2015

Congrats! Thanks for the suggestions - Very Helpful to learn about the other test simulators.

11:45 am June 16, 2015

Hi Congratulation.. Quick question how did you Gave open assessments a couple of times. before writing the test.

please tell me.. i'm planning to write it soon..

04:06 pm June 16, 2015

@AJ Bhambhani - Glad to know that you find the information helpful. Do remember that I do not recommend to completely rely on the information provided by the test simulators and also their assessment. Still, they were helpful.

@Ramachandra rao sista - Open assessments are provided by

07:53 pm July 31, 2015

Nice Work!

There is also a Simulated Test to pratice and learn before doing the oficial exam.

The link is:

Peace and hugs.

11:04 am August 4, 2015

Is it necessary to read the SBOK to pass the PSM I exam?

11:59 am August 4, 2015

Hi Jeffrey,
No, the SBOK is a collection of practices and contradicts the Scrum guide in some instances.
There is some useful practices within it - however it blurs the lines between mandatory (3 roles, 3 artefacts, 5 events) and complementary.
If you focus on the Scrum guide, the open assessments, and broader reading of the forum it would be more suited to the PSM assessment.
We have pages here:…
and here…

I hope that helps.