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Multi Project Management

Last post 05:16 pm January 4, 2023 by Nikolina Todorova
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05:46 pm October 28, 2022

Dear Community,

I would kindly ask you for your ideas and experiences:

The company I support as an agile coach has teams who work for a broad spectrum of customers/projects at once. To be more specific:

A team has approx. 8 Devs and they support maybe 10 customers simultanuosly. Thus, they do not really work on a single backlog together (The work items are stored in one backlog, but it is not for one product. It is more of a task list) and face a lot of task switching. They do not work with scrum but we are looking for an agile solution, because we want to provide the devs the opportunity to work with more focus.

The items that need to be done for the different customers have varying sizes. Some tasks need two hours, some a couple of days.

Do you have any ideas, best practices or experiences you can share, that might help us develop a solution? Or maybe some sources to dive into?

Thanks and have a great weekend,


07:13 pm October 28, 2022

It sounds like the team might be providing a service which encompasses different products and service levels. If so, how is value delivery being measured? Who is accountable for ordering and organizing the work on the backlog and for optimizing the value provided by the team?

07:49 pm October 28, 2022

They do not work with scrum but we are looking for an agile solution, because we want to provide the devs the opportunity to work with more focus.

Being an agile organization doesn't necessarily mean that there is a focus. It means that you are able to quickly adapt to change.  That change can often mean a change of focus.  So, it would help you could explain to us the challenges that are being faced and the problems that you are trying to solve.  You didn't really provide those in your description, at least not that I can determine. You stated some facts that could allude to a lot of different situations. 

As an agile coach, what options have you already explored and what did you learn from them?

10:45 am November 4, 2022

@Ian: Thank you for the answer. Exactly, that is the case. As you ask me those questions, I realize that I am not sure how to answer. So, I will dive into that with the teams.

@Daniel: Thank you for replying! My goal was to create more focus, but with your reply I realize that this must not be the case. I think my challenge is now, to better understand the challenge we face. 

I will explore more and come back. Thank you!

09:25 am January 4, 2023


@Niko: I am also interested in this topic, so if you have manage to collect some more experience and tips, I will be happy if you can share those.

Otherwise is someone aware of a more elaborated source on this topic? May be a book?



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