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Any good Scrum/Agile podcasts?

Last post 07:42 pm July 29, 2022 by Igor Stimoli
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06:24 pm January 12, 2017

I listen to a lot of podcasts that are related to my hobbies. Just curious, are there any good Scrum or Agile podcasts out there?

I've poked around and listened to some, but they weren't necessarily that good. (I won't mention names to protect the innocent).

Preferably ones that I can download via the Itunes Podcast app.

Thanks ahead of time.

08:09 pm January 17, 2017

I am guessing from the lack of conversation on this thread either,
A. Folks don't listen to podcasts to the extent that I do.
B. There aren't any "great" Scrum podcasts out there.

08:35 pm January 17, 2017

There are. I mostly go for video/slide presentation as I need picture :-)

However, InfoQ has a bunch of great podcasts on most things IT -

Their Slide and Video presentations are great as well

06:26 pm January 18, 2017

May I suggest the following 2

Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast By Vasco Duarte

This Agile Life

Both are available on iTunes as well.

01:22 pm January 20, 2017

Thanks! I appreciate it.

08:01 am January 23, 2017

I'd recommend -- both entertaining and good quality content.

02:30 pm January 26, 2017

Thanks! Just downloaded a bunch of the Meta-Cast episodes. I will check them out on my drive home today.

08:51 pm January 30, 2017

UPDATE: I have been listening to the Meta-Cast on my drives into work lately and its really good stuff. Entertaining, not too super in depth, but good insights. Thanks!

07:19 pm May 17, 2017

I would suggest "The Rabbit Hole: An Inside Look into Software Development". This talks about development tactics, and tips on managing agile tech teams. Link here:…

08:49 pm November 4, 2017

Thanks for your suggestions posted here. They helped me a lot!

09:27 am November 6, 2017

04:38 am November 9, 2017

Thank you to the poster of this question as well as to all the folks that have shared their favorite podcasts!  I just took a new role that has a longer commute, and I was looking for some good content like this to help keep me from going crazy in the traffic.

Thank you!!

09:53 pm November 9, 2017

You might check out Agile for Humans at

As you might guess from the name, it focus on the individuals and interactions part of Agile.

12:42 pm December 11, 2017

inviting you to available via iTunes (and other podcatchers). Earlier this year, I  moved the episodes to a new home and recorded a few more episodes. 

11:12 am January 17, 2018

I keep an updated list of the active Agile podcasts I listen to. 

It's available here: 

Hope you'll find something interesting there.


01:53 pm September 19, 2019

We've launched "Agile Coaches' Corner" ( after the last post on this thread, but I wanted to offer it for your consideration. Feedback and topic ideas are invited. We publish every week and shoot for duration in the neighborhood of 30 minutes.



11:21 am October 23, 2019

There are a lot of good podcasting channels where you can find agile related podcasts. Some coding podcast channels also have content on Agile, like these:


Code Winds
The Ship Show
Eat Sleep Work Repeat
Exponential View

03:44 am December 4, 2019

Here’s mine. Audio was kind of rough to start with but I promise it is continually inspected and adapted 😜


03:17 pm July 7, 2021

If you're able to understand German, I would recommend you

12:44 pm October 8, 2021

I'd like to add the Mastering Agility podcast to that list:) Every episode has interesting guests like Mike Cohn, Lyssa Adkins, Jeff Gothelf and Maarten Dalmijn. 

06:53 pm July 29, 2022

Plenty of great suggestions, let me add one more... at the time of writing this seems brand new but interesting format

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