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Queries related to PSM1 Test

Last post 05:02 pm November 15, 2021 by Ravishekhar Sudiwar
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07:34 pm March 1, 2017

Hi All,


I gave all open assessments given in and found that I score least in Scrum Developer Open Assessment. My question is does PSM1 includes questions similar as Scrum Developer Open assessment? I am asking because I have found that scrum guide and other basic scrum study are not sufficient as Scrum Dev Open assessment questions involves some technical terminologies which need to be known before answering them. If your answer is yes, please refer a good guide to study for this section.



09:04 pm March 2, 2017

I did the PSM1 a few months ago and I didn't find any technical questions. Is there a reason why you're going through the Scrum Developer for the PSM1 though?

There are other resources I found helpful for the PSM1 One is : Packt.The Professional scrummaster Handbook- ISBN1849688028 Hope this helps.

09:59 pm March 2, 2017

No Olayinka! I attempted all the free assessment given by because I was trying to cover all the things to reduce risk of surprise question in exam.

But your reply suggests that Scrum Open assessment is for PSM1 and other assessments are for other scrum professional certification. Am I right?

08:11 am November 10, 2019

First of all, I would like to thank everyone in the community by sharing their experiences which help others in exam preparation. Today I passed with 90% in first attempt .

Note: Did not attend any web/classroom training. But I was having hands on experience on Scrum as my organisation follows it. 

Tips that worked for me:

1. Study (not just read) the scrum guide. Make sure you understand and remember each and every word of scrum guide. I studied it for at least 6 times.

2. Keep attempting the Open assessment until you consistently start getting above 95%.

3. Keep attempting the  assessment until you consistently start getting above 95%.

4. Study the Nexus guide. ( I could not scored 100% probably because i did not study the nexus guide).

5. Speed during the exam matters a lot, answering 80 questions in 60 minutes can be challenging for many of us. I had to rush during last 10 minutes to answer all the questions.

09:05 pm November 12, 2019

Hello Kumar, 

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your experience !

I have one question: how much time did you spend in "real"preparation? Thnaks

03:30 pm November 20, 2019

Very interesting. Are all the questions multiple choice please? are there any surprise areas. i am doing the same. lots of reading and prep and consistently getting 97%+ with the Scrum Open. At some stage i am going to have to go for it. Also working through the learning path.

08:38 pm November 20, 2019

Hi Everyone,


I am also preparing for the PSM1 exam, and I have read the Scrum Guide multiple times, and no surprises, I learn a new thing every time.

Now in the Open Assessments, I am getting more than 95% each time. I have tried many Open tests on, then Mlapshin, Volkerdon. I even purchased simulator on mPlaza and getting 95% and more.

So, am I ready for the exam? Are real PSM1 questions similar to these?


One more question, when there are multiple answers correct, is it mentioned in the question that how many we have to select? (select all three, select all two etc)




11:52 pm November 20, 2019

I just recently passed the exam and I can honestly say after the scrum guide, my biggest resources were Volkerdon and Mlapshin in that order. But Vollkerdon especially as it breaks down into sections;

Scrum Theory section

- Scrum Team section

- Scrum Artifacts section 

- Scrum Events section

- Scrum materials section

Then take the two exams (mhlapshin and Vollkerdon) over and over again and throw in the open assessement as a breather.

10:01 am November 21, 2019

So, am I ready for the exam?

How do you think it is possible for us to answer that?

Are real PSM1 questions similar to these?

Some. There is a very large pool of questions, how knows which ones you'll get. The line of questioning is the same at least.

when there are multiple answers correct, is it mentioned



10:02 am November 21, 2019

Are all the questions multiple choice

PSM-I is all multiple choice yes

08:26 am November 22, 2019

@Xander, Thank you for your reply. I thought that when multiple answers are correct, we do not get the instruction like "Choose 2" or "Choose 3".


@Schults: Congratulations on passing your certification. Did you purchase the Volkerdon Simulator which has about 240 Questions, or you just tried Mock test there?




10:33 am November 22, 2019

I just did the mock test. They were brilliant.... helped me tremendously.

12:01 pm November 22, 2019

Hi everyone

Earlier this week I passed PSM1 at my first attempt with 97.5%. On I read the Scrum and Nexus guides, took all open assessments until I was getting 100% and read / watched all content in the learning paths for Scrum and Nexus.

I bought the MPlaza Scrum Master Exam Simulator, took all of Mikhail Lapshin's quizzes and the free Whizzlabs quiz and watched various Scrum videos on YouTube (, Scrum Tapas).

I would advise to read the question, answers and explanations carefully regardless of whether you got the question correct or not. If you don't do this you are learning patterns in the questions rather than the actual content.

Also, don't assume that the quiz result is correct. I found cases where I queried the results, sometimes I got a reply explaining how my understanding was wrong, sometimes I was correct and the question was wrong. The best thing is to post on here if you are unsure.

In the exam itself make sure you're relaxed and read questions carefully. There were quite a few questions that stumped me but break down the implications of each answer and eliminate them. For example, one of the answers was 'as the scrum master, find the best way and show the team how to do that'. Taking this action is telling a dev team how to function and this goes against their self-organisation.

10:56 am November 26, 2019

Hi Guys,

What does it mean by changing the membership of the development team? Is it changing the roles of developers in the team or to change the number of developers in the team?

I am a bit confused about this, as I saw one question during mock practice (Whizlab), which says:


'New members can be added during the sprint as required' - and the answer for this is FALSE.




06:37 pm December 1, 2019

Hi, that's one of the questions that I flagged because I believe they've got it wrong. I made some points here:

Nothing states that the development team cannot change mid-sprint but quality goals cannot decrease and nothing can change that would endanger the sprint goal so you need to consider how changing the dev team would affect quality and the sprint goal.

1) If the dev team changes for no good reason (i.e. adding a junior dev to the team simply because they need work to do) then this could put the sprint goal at risk so it wouldn't be a good idea to do that.

2) If you had a situation where one dev was particularly disruptive then that would endanger the sprint goal so it would be best to remove him as soon as possible (if other attempts to minimise the disruption failed).

I've seen cases 1) and 2) in real life and there was no consideration of the sprint goal so the scrum team and the sprint suffered.

Plus you need to remember that scrum teams need to be highly flexible and adaptive so putting in a restriction that the dev team cannot change until the end of a sprint breaks that.

Seems sensible to me (and I had a few questions like this in my PSM1 exam that I passed with 97.5%) so I think Whizzlabs have got this one wrong (kudos for questioning this and not just assuming Whizzlabs were correct)

09:50 pm December 1, 2019

Nothing states that the development team cannot change mid-sprint but quality goals cannot decrease and nothing can change that would endanger the sprint goal

Plus you need to remember that scrum teams need to be highly flexible and adaptive so putting in a restriction that the dev team cannot change until the end of a sprint breaks that.

Valid points. This gets to the heart of allowing a team to be self-organizing, whilst Scrum provides certain bounds that support empiricism.

05:44 pm November 13, 2021

Hi all, 

Hope all are good.. 

I am thinking abt the psm1 questions.. Are the question one liner or descriptive in real exam?? 

Please help me in this..! 

Sprint planning -8hrs for 1months sprint..


Then, for 2week sprint, how many hours is it 4hrs, as I think.. Or 6hrs as I seen a question with true answer marked.. Please help. In this

03:25 pm November 14, 2021


1.  The PSM I is made up of multiple choice, single choice and true/false questions.  They are generally 1 to 2 sentences.  

2.  Please refer to the Scrum Guide "Sprint Planning is timeboxed to a maximum of eight hours for a one-month Sprint. For shorter Sprints, the event is usually shorter."

05:02 pm November 15, 2021

@eric Thank you for advice.I will follow the same. 

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