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10:31 pm May 21, 2017

I just wondered : how many people are certified by It would be nice to get the figures broken down by certification (PSM I, II, PSPO, etc). 

01:01 am May 22, 2017


I did an independent survey of the search engine two months ago you might find useful towards answering your question.  Please keep in mind it's an imperfect and unofficial survey, so it should be used as a rough approximation and not as a precise count.…

08:36 am May 22, 2017

Hi Jason, I remember reading your ballpark estimate on here and another forum. I think your post is what made me wonder what the actual figures were.

Do you think there's any chance could disclose the official numbers?

01:42 pm May 22, 2017

Hello Clem and Jason,

We're happy to share the following details with you. These are the totals as of April 30, 2017. We hope this information helps:

03:40 pm May 22, 2017

Many thanks for sharing this, it is very enlightening.

Would it be possible to get the distribution the 110,000+ certifications? For example, how rare is PSM II compared to PSM I? How popular is PSM compared to PSPO?

05:28 pm May 24, 2017

Clem, as you can probably tell, Jason's figures were fairly accurate: if we were at 98k by the end of 2016, and 2016 itself brought 33k, then if you were to extrapolate for how far we are into 2017, the official number above of 110k+ is pretty much what you'd get.

You can therefore use the numbers Jason got for each certification to extrapolate where they are likely to be today!

08:37 pm June 21, 2017

Hi, do we have the distribution per country by chance ? Thanks 

12:30 pm June 22, 2017

Before the redesign of the website, the Certification List provided these numbers. You could for example simply search for PSPO I and get the total number of results there are.

It would be very helpful to reintroduce this option. It's quite nice to know if you're one out of 80'000 or one out of 800 holding a certain certificate. At least show these numbers to certificate holders in the member's section.

05:02 pm June 23, 2017

Steven, I wasn't aware you used to be able to search without a name at all.  However, since March they have updated the page again to remove the method I used to create my original report.  It seems like for technical and security reasons, they are moving away from the functionality that allowed easy generation of lists of all certificate holders.  I consider that a good thing.

Unfortunately this means that I (and the rest of the community) can no longer efficiently audit certificate counts on our own.  I won't be updating those charts for 2017, because it's no longer technically feasible to do so.  I would, however, love to see publish this information themselves in the future.

08:14 am June 26, 2017

I can't remember if the numbers where shown directly or after doing a blank search, but the numbers were there in some way. So I totally agree with Jason that it does make sense to not reveal the full list of certificate holders because of security reasons, but definitely should be transparent regarding the numbers of the various certificate holders.

03:36 pm July 22, 2017



Yes the search is difficult now, it asks last name as Mandatory


Scrum support team , it would be nice to have a provision to search number of Certificate holders for example

How many acquired PSM I, II, III that will really help.

10:48 am August 24, 2017

Dear Support

Are you considering to add back the previous state of transparency regarding actual numbers per distinct certificate? If not, why?

Kind regards

08:50 pm August 24, 2017

Hi Steven,

We will be providing all numbers on the certification search page soon. It is currently high on our Backlog. Thank you. 

02:22 am August 25, 2017

Dear Support,

It would be really worthwhile to add country/city fields to the search facility Certification List page.

Reason: Any potential organization / recruiter etc., looking for Certified Scrum Professionals, could use this page to find out individuals in a specific geography, thereby resulting in certified professionals getting new professional opportunities.

I agree that such an organization or recruiter could anyway search this on LinkedIn or other such platforms, but what better way to search for Scrum Professionals than on website itself.

Adding above feature also better aligns the website with one of the three pillars of empiricism - TRANSPARENCY.

Abhisek Jain

09:27 am August 25, 2017

Hi Eric

Thank you for the quick reply. I really appreciate your effort to get this done!

06:22 pm August 25, 2017

There is a fine line between inquiries and Spam so we will take your request into consideration. 

03:58 pm September 1, 2017

Hi all, as promised the page is now live and available for you to see.  You can find it here: and it is also linked of course from the certification search page:


Thank you for the patience and more to come.

12:19 pm September 5, 2017

Thank you Eric. This is very helpful!

05:01 pm September 5, 2017

Thanks Eric!  I apreciate the transparancy, and I'm sure the rest of the community does as well.

01:17 pm November 30, 2017


I was wondering, would it be possible to get the breakdown by country as well?  I would love to see how many people in my country has achieved the different levels of certification.


Thank you

07:57 pm March 8, 2018

+1 in asking for a country breakdown. Would like to know how many people also have the PSM3 cert here in Brazil. :) 

08:58 am March 9, 2018

Yes, country breakdowns would be awesome!

07:34 pm March 9, 2018

Hi all, we are not able to provide country breakdowns at this time.  Not everyone provides their country in their profile (no mandatory field), people purchase across boarders, etc.  

04:37 pm March 10, 2018

Hello SCRUM Support Team,

I did cleared PSM 1 this week, and writing blog on tips and trick on preparation for the same. In that I want include some facts and figures ( like one slide given above in this forum) in my blog. Kindly provide updated slide with updated number or can you provide me link for this presenatation. 

BR, Sandip



04:02 pm March 12, 2018

Well, any data is better than no data. You could put there as many disclaimers as you would like to :)

06:38 pm March 12, 2018

Hi Sandip,

Thanks for reaching out, and congratulations on passing your PSM I assessment for certification! We believe we already replied to you via email, but are happy to let you know that the most current data is posted to this page on a monthly basis:

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and enjoy your week!

03:55 pm April 9, 2018

The "Professional Scrum Certified Count" page has some interesting numbers. But there is one lacking that I personally would like to know: how many people have all 7 Certifications (PSM 1, 2 and 3, PSPO 1 and 2, SPS and PSD)? 

10:26 am July 14, 2018

I agree with Andre,

would be awesome to have this functionality, even without considering the professionals that don't provided the country.

In terms of value, it can be a great motivation to reach a new level or certification and be part of a more restricted group of professionals.


06:39 pm July 16, 2018

Sorry if this confidential information, but just to know, how many users are trying to pass PSM 1 and PSPO 1 annually?

11:59 am July 11, 2019

Hi @Scrum Support,

Do you have this updated?

Thanks so much!

Scrum Stats

01:21 pm July 11, 2019

@Michelly, that data is quite old.  As stated in the post from on August 25, 2017, the data is updated monthly here:

11:10 am August 20, 2019

Out of 4300+ PSM-II certified professionals globally, any rough idea on how many are PSM-II certified from India ?