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Professional Scrum Guided Learning Platform™

Grow skills with guided real-world activities and feedback 


It is widely understood that a significant amount of learning happens on the job. However, just doing the job is not enough. For people and teams to be successful, they need to solidify their skill sets through ongoing feedback and guidance on their everyday work.

The Professional Scrum Guided Learning Platform™ (GLP) helps practitioners grow their skills with focused, real-world assignments incorporated into their day-to-day work to help them practice and improve. The guided learning experience is facilitated by an expert Guide who provides feedback on assignments and optimizes learning journeys designed to increase and deepen the Learner's proficiency. Guides provide helpful, specific feedback and validation of growth based on the work completed.

GLP combines an Assignment Library of predefined activities with a Software-as-a-Service technology called Portfolio. The Assignment Library contains activities based on the Professional Scrum Competencies and other complementary practices. Portfolio is where Learners access their assignments, receive expert guidance and feedback and create a portfolio of experience for future reference and learning.

Unlike typical one-size-fits-all e-learning solutions, GLP enables the development of flexible learning journeys optimized for individual Learner needs no matter their role or accountability (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developer and Leaders). 

The Components of the Guided Learning Platform

The Learner: GLP Learners engage in assignments as they progress through a journey to improve their ability to leverage the Professional Scrum Competencies and other complementary practices effectively. To progress through their assignment backlog, it is critical that a Learner apply Agile practices in their day-to-day work while demonstrating value based on the work completed.

People with any role or accountability in the organization will find value in Guided Learning. However, Scrum Team members and leaders who provide direct support for Scrum Teams are most frequently engaged in Guided Learning Solutions

The Guide: GLP Guides work with Learners to design their journeys and task them with assignments. The Guides review the submitted work and provide individualized feedback to help the Learner progress and grow. Guides will adjust the Learner’s journey over time based on how they move through assignments. They will often baseline a Learner’s proficiency and incrementally evaluate it to help them maximize the value they create with teams.

Component of the Guided Learning Platform

The Assignment Library: The Assignment Library contains activity-based learning assignments that explore the Professional Scrum Competencies and other complementary practices in the context of daily work. Each assignment has corresponding feedback guidance enabling Guides to provide feedback aligned with standards for Professional Scrum consistently. 

Guides and others within the organization can create custom assignments that optimize the Learner’s experience and best reflect the learning specific to an organization or individual.

Portfolio: The experience of engaging in the Guided Learning Solutions is optimized with the use of Portfolio, a Software-as-a-Service technology, where Learners access their learning journeys and receive feedback. All assignments and submissions are retained to create a portfolio of work for the Learner to use as they learn and grow.

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