Increasing Diversity in the PST Community

Women Community Members Get TogetherEnabling diversity and inclusion is key to This commitment supports both our organization’s values as well as the Scrum Values. Diversity provides a foundation for solving more complex problems by bringing together different points of view, experiences and ideas. It is insufficient to merely have diversity though. The presence of inclusion, or the integration of that diversity into the way work is done and communities collaborate, is non-negotiable. 

As, our largest impact on the world occurs through our Professional Scrum Trainer community. As a result, we must continually invest in creating diversity and enabling inclusion within this group. Doing so is a key component in providing the best training experience for our learners. Without diversity in the PST community, we cannot be successful in achieving our mission of helping people and teams solve complex problems.  Gender diversity is only one dimension of our larger social responsibility strategy. If you are someone who is underrepresented and you want to become a PST, we invite you to get in touch and let us know how we can support you. 

To amplify diversity & inclusion of the PST community as well as respond to feedback from several PST candidates, we would like to learn from those of you who identify as a woman to learn more about your preferences for participating in PST candidate programs for women, lead by women.  Please fill out the short form below to share your thoughts. We appreciate any and all feedback on this matter as it will allow us to take action to meet our community needs!