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Professional Product Discovery and Validation™ (Beta Course)


Beta Course - Enhance value creation through practical application of discovery and validation skills


This one-day skills course on product discovery and validation offers hands-on training to participants, enabling them to enhance value creation through practical application of discovery and validation skills in product development. This course covers core skills, equally essential for both greenfield scenarios but also the enhancement of existing products.

Experimentation and collecting evidence are more and more important in today’s ever-changing business environments. Thus, learning becomes a first-class citizen and this course teaches the essential skills needed to drive targeted learning. With these skills, you will delight customers while achieving company impacts and controlling risk exposure, thus optimizing Return on Investment (ROI).


Throughout the class, students learn a number of discovery and validation practices that they can use once they leave the classroom.

Course Overview

In this one-day* skills-building course, students use an ongoing case study as a way of applying techniques learned throughout the class and preparing to take what they learn back to their workplace. This course is designed for Product Owners, Product Managers, and product teams to enable them to better incorporate discovery and validation into their product development process.

Product discovery and validation focuses the team toward achieving customer outcomes and company impacts. Teams learn how to work in iterative cycles to assess what works best for the user. Leveraging product discovery and validation techniques, the course takes a user-centric approach, illustrating how this comes together with development and delivery. Students learn how discovery, delivery, and validation fit together to lead to an end-to-end empirical approach to product development..

Course Learning Objectives

  • Increase user value created by deliberately designing experiments to validate assumptions about user’s needs and wants
  • Reduce waste and improve ROI by consciously only investing based on evidence gathered from validation
  • Improve organizational collaboration and alignment by engaging with key stakeholders using data instead of opinions
  • Unlock creativity by reframing work as problems to solve rather than tasks to execute

Who Should Attend this class?

This course is appropriate for students who are currently working as a Product Owner or Product Manager and are looking for practical ways to increase user value created, make data-informed decisions, and better investments. This course is also suitable for members of product teams.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Identify what assumptions are being made
  • Explain what assumptions need to be validated
  • Describe the principles used to prioritize which assumptions to validate first
  • Use the right data to gather to test the hypothesis
  • Explain why a desired signal strength is needed to validate a hypothesis
  • Manage your cost for running the experiment based on desired signal quality and confidence level
  • Customize a hypothesis to in/validate assumptions
  • Define facilitation techniques for high level of creativity and diversity in solutions
  • Analyze the results of your experiments
  • Use learnings in your decision making process

Professional Scrum Certification

There is not a certification associated to the class at this time as it is not yet an official class of If this experiment of the class proves to drive the creation of an official class a certification test will likely become a part of the offering and any beta participants will be eligible to receive an attempt at certification at no additional charge.

Take a Beta Class

Below are some of our upcoming beta classes planned by our Professional Scrum Trainers to validate the class and receive critical feedback before the class is finalized and made into an official course. Please note that this class may not become an official class and currently does not come with a certification. If we do make this an official class, any past students will be eligible for a free attempt at the certification.

Our Professional Scrum Trainers are often running private classes for their clients and also perform classes open to the public. For a private class contact us or one our Professional Scrum Trainers

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