effective agile.

Ralph started his career with ISO GmbH 1997 in Germany where he worked as a programming consultant for START in Frankurt and Siemens Medizintechnik in Erlangen. 

  • In 1998 he joined Oracle Corp. in Reading, United Kingdom working on JDeveloper.
  • Two years later he moved to the USA and consulted in downtown Manhattan for Spherion Technologies.
  • Ralph later relocated to Silicon Valley to help Applied Biosystems (now Life), a leading biotech life science company to transition to Agile.
  • Early in 2007 he joined ThoughtWorks, a worldwide leading agile consulting company as an agile coach. During his time at ThoughtWorks his clients included, The Gap, Inveneo, LinkedIn, Google and Roche Pharmaceuticals.
  • In late 2009, Ralph moved to Bern and joined Zühlke Engineering to help kickstart their agile offerings.
  • In 2011 he founded effective agile.
effective Agile

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