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5 Things I Learned with Executives during Agile Transformations

December 3, 2019

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Often when organizations pursue an agile transformation, they consider it enough for the teams doing work to be using Scrum. The view is that agility is limited to the teams. However, in order for the entire organization to truly benefit from the promises of agile, one of the biggest hurdles is with the mindset of the organization, especially at the executive level. If management does not possess an agile mindset or provide support, it is always difficult to advance and improve, to the extent that they, themselves, become an impediment to an agile transformation and limit business agility.

In this Scrum Pulse webinar, Leonoor Koomen, Owner of and Lead Agile Enterprise Coach at ING discusses with Patricia Kong, Product Owner, Enterprise Solutions at, the lessons she has learned from working with top executives at companies in a variety of industries such as banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals and energy during their agile transformations. They walk through these 5 specific lessons learned:

1 - Breaking silos stops local optimization and brings the organization as a whole together and moves it forward

2 - Everyone needs a compelling goal ( and it is NOT a number)

3 - Leaders should lead the change as head of impediments

4 - Show management the big picture, then show it to them again

5 - An agile culture needs clarity and patience

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