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The 8 Stances of a Scrum Master

This white paper contains Professional Scrum Trainer Barry Overeem's personal experiences acting as a Scrum Master and the 8 stances he's documented with an in-depth perspective: The Scrum Master as a Servant Leader, Facilitator, Coach, Manager, Mentor, Teacher, Impediment Remover, and Change Agent.

Also included are the most common misunderstandings of the Scrum Master role and why Barry has changed his title from Agile Coach to 100% Scrum Master. The reasons behind this change describe his motivation for writing this white paper.


"Since I published the first edition of this white paper in 2016 it triggered quite some response in the Scrum Community. This encouraged me to improve the white paper, create new training material and re-think what I wrote earlier. Together with the Scrum Community, I want to share lessons learned and collaboratively create a better understanding of the Scrum Master role."

-Barry Overeem


Read the Brazilian-Portuguese Edition here


Note: In this paper, Barry uses the term Development Team; based on the changes to the Scrum Guide in 2020 this is now referred to as Developer. However, the context of his paper does not change.

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