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Actionable Awareness: Unlock Your Influence

September 24, 2020

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As Agilists, we strive to help people and teams improve their effectiveness and interactions but we often find ourselves without objective data, jumping to conclusions and operating out of assumptions. Blinded by our own perspectives, we end up using ineffective approaches to address the least impactful issues, and we are left wondering why our impact isn't bigger.

Whether you're trying to figure out how to help your team improve, just starting with a new team, or mentoring a Scrum Master, the key to unlocking your influence is the ability to have actionable awareness. In this webinar with Professional Scrum Trainer Mark Wavle, you will learn about and apply the Actionable Awareness Canvas and the set of skills it prompts you to use, pausing your own viewpoints, slowing down your thinking, and broadening your awareness. You'll be able to build a Backlog of targeted, impactful actions, and then use the canvas to see the impact on the team's performance. With some focused and intentional effort, you can increase your actionable awareness to grow your influence.

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