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3 Amigos – Bytesize Agile

January 27, 2020


The Bytesize Agile Series is inspired by discussion tangents that arise during training. 3 Amigos the topic of today comes up during discussion regarding refinement of backlog items into a ready state. The general response to this is creating a Definition of Ready.

There is a risk that Definitions of Ready become a tick list. Lists tend to give reasons why something cannot be delivered. Rather than helping to understand when an item can be delivered.

In this situation, I teach and coach a Definition of ready is that. “If we held a 3 Amigos session tomorrow could we understand how to deliver it”.

3 Amigos is a complementary practice that involves a discussion between the 3 main perspectives involved in the delivery. This discussion looks at a Product Backlog Items from the perspective of the Business, Test & Delivery.

The business perspective defines acceptable & fit for purpose. Can the QA test specialist test that there is a complete feature. That it integrates with the rest of the solution in delivery and that it doesn’t break the existing solution build.

The Delivery perspective wants to consider can we create this feature or function. Can we test that any solution we provide is of the required quality standard?

3 Amigos sessions are implemented at any time during refinement. However, here we use the 3 Amigos twice in our work cycle. First, as we pull the work item and then again to close as part of a Definition of Done.

If you feel this is a complementary practice you would like to introduce with your team. We have uploaded the presentation and made it available for you to do so.

3 Amigos - Complimentary Agile Practice


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