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Applying Professional Scrum is Scrum 101 and beyond!

October 7, 2021

The Applying Professional Scrum class is frequently overlooked when it comes to public classes.  People tend to go for the Professional Scrum Master class or the Professional Scrum Product Owner class instead.  And those are really great classes.  That is… they’re great for those who already have an understanding of the Scrum framework.


What is the Applying Professional Scrum class?

Applying Professional Scrum is the best class to take for those who are either new to Scrum or who are on a Scrum team, but need to learn more about Scrum roles, artifacts and events.  This is really "Scrum 101 and beyond". 

Some of the topics discussed in the Applying Professional Scrum class include:

  • Did you know that the Scrum team should create a Sprint goal at every Sprint planning meeting?
  • Did you know that the Developers should deliver a done, usable Increment at least once per Sprint?
  • Did you know that the Product Owner’s accountability is to maximize the value of the Product, but he or she can delegate the creation of Product Backlog Items to the Developers?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you might benefit from the Applying Professional Scrum class.


What’s the big deal with skipping Applying Professional Scrum?

Without a firm grounding in the Scrum framework, it can be a challenge to get the most out of courses such as Professional Scrum Master or Professional Scrum Product Owner.  While there is no required prerequisite to participate in any course, participants will get much more out of courses like Professional Scrum Master or Professional Scrum Product Owner if they have first participated in the Applying Professional Scrum class or if they have a firm grounding in the Scrum framework, either through formal training or through participation on a high performing team.  The Applying Professional Scrum class challenges some of the misconceptions about Scrum and helps participants challenge themselves in an environment designed to deepen their understanding of the Scrum framework.  



If you have not had any formal training in Scrum or if you are a new Scrum practitioner, consider the Applying Professional Scrum class as your introduction to the Scrum framework.  The Applying Professional Scrum class is the best way to prepare you to participate as a high performing member on a Scrum team and is also the best way to ensure that you get the most from other classes such as Professional Scrum Master or Professional Scrum Product Owner. 


About Mary Iqbal  

Mary has trained more than 1,000 people in Agile, Scrum and Kanban.  She has guided the Agile transformation for organizations with more than 60 teams and has led the creation of new products from product definition through self-organization and launch.  Mary is the founder of Rebel Scrum, a consulting company that helps teams transform to Agile and provides training and coaching services founded upon practical experience.  Rebel Scrum has experience in large-scale agile transformations in a variety of environments including technology and business transformations.  Signup for one of Rebel Scrum's upcoming public scrum training classes or contact us to discuss private Scrum training and consulting options for your organization.

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