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Festival to reflect on 20 years of Agile

January 22, 2021

Unbelievable: the agile manifesto turns 20. Agile leadership has grown up. With it, the community around agile frameworks of all kind has grown over the years. The Scrum community is the most favorite one of them.

To celebrate this achievement, a community driven, worldwide festival goes online in February, the Agile20Reflect festival. More than 300 Websession around the world are already registered by today and the community is self organizing this event.

This festival shows us the diversity of the agile community.The 9 principles applied for the festival reflects what we have learned about cultural, language, gender and other aspects in a community with such high quality of diversity. Mainly cultivated in the software development roam, most of us speak English, Java, Python or Scrum. 

I most love the nineth principle: "Long Lasting Friendships: As well as the new relationships and huge new interaction between diverse technical, agile practice, and geographic communities, after the festival we will have a huge resource of recorded material that we will make available for free to anyone who wants to navigate that mass of learning. Also, this may lead to long lasting relationships and a continuing community ecosystem."

Find the festival calendar here and participate.



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