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How Do I Measure the Success of a Scrum Master?

September 26, 2023

How to measure the performance of a Scrum Master

The purpose of the Scrum Master is to improve the effectiveness of the Scrum team, which can mean coaching the team and coaching the organization in the use of Scrum. However, determining whether a Scrum Master is effective can be challenging, as their impact is often indirect and not always easy to measure quantitatively. In this article, we will explore key indicators that can help you evaluate the effectiveness of a Scrum Master.

Delivery of Value Incrementally

One of the primary goals of Scrum is to deliver value to the customer incrementally. An effective Scrum Master should help the team to understand the value of incremental delivery and help them understand how best to achieve it in their environment. (See our recent article, Three Steps to Done in Scrum. You can gauge their effectiveness by examining whether the team consistently delivers increments of usable Product every Sprint. Are they meeting their Sprint Goal on a regular basis? Is the Product evolving and improving with each increment? If the answer is yes, it's a positive sign that the Scrum Master is helping the team deliver value incrementally.

Positive Team Dynamics

Observe the team's interactions and dynamics during meetings and day-to-day work. Are team members collaborating effectively? Do they openly communicate and share ideas? Is there a sense of positivity and camaraderie among team members? An effective Scrum Master will actively work on improving team dynamics and ensuring a healthy work atmosphere. Scrum relies on a set of values (courage, respect, openness, commitment and focus) as well as the principles in the Agile manifesto. An effective Scrum Master ensures that the team respects and adheres to these values and principles, fostering an Agile mindset within the team.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is at the heart of Empiricism. If the team is not transparent about their work and their processes, inspecting their work regularly and adapting their approach, they are not understanding the ‘why’ behind the Scrum framework. Look for evidence of Retrospectives and the implementation of action items resulting from them. Is the team actively identifying areas for improvement and taking steps to address them? An effective Scrum Master will encourage and facilitate these continuous improvement efforts, driving the team towards greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Vision and Product Goal

Part of the Scrum Master accountability is coaching the Product Owner to find ways to articulate a Product Goal and Product Backlog. An effective Scrum Master will work with the Product Owner to ensure that they are able to articulate a clear vision and product goal that guides the team's work. The Scrum Master should coach the Product Owner to ensure that this vision/Product Goal is regularly communicated and understood by all team members.

Empowered and Self-Managing Team

The Scrum Master's role includes empowering the team to be self-managing. An effective Scrum Master encourages team members to take ownership of their work, make decisions collectively, and resolve issues independently. A self-managing team is a sign that the Scrum Master has succeeded in promoting autonomy and responsibility.


Evaluating the effectiveness of a Scrum Master is essential for maintaining a successful Agile environment. By assessing indicators such as incremental value delivery, positive team dynamics, a focus on continuous improvement, clarity of vision and product goals, and progress towards those goals, you can gain valuable insights into the Scrum Master's impact on the team and the organization as a whole. An effective Scrum Master not only ensures that the Scrum process runs smoothly but also helps the team evolve and deliver value consistently.

In conclusion, evaluating the effectiveness of a Scrum Master is a multifaceted process. By considering these additional signs, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of how well the Scrum Master is facilitating Agile practices, fostering a productive team environment, and driving positive outcomes for the organization.

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