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Introducing Personal Scrum

November 15, 2022

Personal Scrum Introduction

Scrum is a framework for developing and sustaining complex products. But could it be used by individuals to help them in their personal and professional lives?

The answer is yes, in a modified form. For 10 years I have been using an adapted version of Scrum to organise my personal and professional life. I call this the Personal Scrum System.

I use the Personal Scrum System to set Goals, plan Activities and stay focused as I make incremental progress forward.

The Personal Scrum System separates Goals (where you want to get to), Measures (how you know you are getting there), Activities (what you need to do to reach your Goals) and Tasks (what you need to do to complete the Activities). These distinct groups provide a logical hierarchy that helps you understand how the low-level Tasks you carry out ultimately contribute to your Goals. Making your Goals & Activities visible and clear increases the likelihood you will achieve them.

The Personal Scrum System is comprised of the following:

  • 8 Lists – Making Goals & Activities transparent and manageable.
  • 5 Events – Regular allocated time to review progress and plan.
  • 20+ Complementary Practices – Good practices that can be used in combination with Personal Scrum to help you make progress towards your Goals.

Unlike the Scrum framework upon which it is based, there are no defined roles in Personal Scrum. The system is designed for individual use so the roles are redundant as you would have to fulfil them all.

I believe the Personal Scrum System has huge potential to help people. Do you want to find out more? You can learn more via our Personal Scrum Guide and the Personal Scrum Book.


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