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Koos Coach in the "This is not Scrum" Comic (episode 11)

July 10, 2020

Voluntary Participation


The corona crisis puts a strain on our organizations. In many cases, management needs to switch to “survival mode” and take unpopular decisions. 

To survive a crisis, people tend to fall back to “proven concepts”. I notice that for many organizations this translates into cutting costs or reverting to command and control. We could also see this as an opportunity that calls for “all hands on deck” to improve our agility. We can use these rough times to re-establish the creative tension, optimize for value delivery, increase collaboration and involve teams by delegating ownership.

Ask the Users

ask the users

Scrum is intended to release working products in the hands of the customers in short iterations. The beauty of this is that we can collect true feedback from the people using and/or paying for our product at regular intervals. 

In many companies there are no users at the Sprint Review. The Sprint Review often is an uninspiring event where team members tell us what their team achieved this Sprint. If this looks like your Sprint Reviews, it’s time to spice up Scrums most valuable moment of inspection and adaptation. You could start with tips from this article

What problems do you need to overcome to get your customers to attend your Sprint Review? 

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